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Edward James «Science Fiction in the Twentieth Century»

Science Fiction in the Twentieth Century

Язык издания: английский

New York: Oxford University Press, 1994 г.

Серия: OPUS

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ISBN: 0-19-289244-4

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Страниц: 278


Cover illustration: «A Cosmic View», by Robert McCall.


  1. Edward James. Science Fiction in the Twentieth Century (монография)

    1. Preface, c. vii-xi
    2. Introduction, с. 1-11
      1. Browsing through the Categories
      2. Labels
    3. 1.The Development of a Genre, 1895-1940, с. 12-53
      1. Sf in 1895
        1. The Extraordinary Voyage
        2. The Tale of the Future
        3. The Tale of Science
      2. Herbert George Wells
      3. Sf in Britain and America: Publishing History
      4. Sf between the Wars outside North America
      5. Sf in the American Pulps
      6. Defining the Genre
    4. 2.The Victory of American SF, 1940-1960, с. 54-94
      1. Campbell and New Definitions of Sf
      2. Astounding in the 1940s
      3. American Sf and the Rest of the World
      4. The Publishing Boom of the 1950s
      5. Classic Themes
    5. 3.Reading Science Fiction, с. 95-129
      1. Sf and the Mainstream
      2. The Sense of Wonder
      3. Reading Strategies
      4. Three Tales
    6. 4.The SF Community, с. 130-166
      1. The Growth of Fandom
      2. The Community of Writers
      3. Beyond the Fringe
      4. Fandom Today
    7. 5.From New Wave to Cyberpunk and Beyond, 1960-1993, с. 167-208
      1. The New Wave
      2. New Directions in the 1970s
      3. Cyberpunk and its Aftermath
      4. Current Trends in Sf
    8. Notes, с. 209-221
    9. Bibliography, с. 222-237
      1. 1.Chronological List of Selected Science Fiction
      2. 2.Major English-Language Science Fiction Magazines
      3. 3.Reference Works with Some Annotations
      4. 4.Secondary Works (Excluding Studies of Individual Authors)
    10. Index, с. 239-250


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