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Hilary McKay «Hilary McKay's Fairy Tales»

Hilary McKay's Fairy Tales

авторский сборник

Язык издания: английский

London: Macmillan Children's Books, 2017 г. (октябрь)

ISBN: 1-4472-9229-4, 978-1-4472-9229-6

Тип обложки: мягкая

Страниц: 304


Cover art and interior artworks by Sarah Gibb.


  1. Hilary McKay. Introduction (статья), p. ix
  2. Hilary McKay. The Tower and the Bird, or Rapunzel (сказка), p. 1
  3. Hilary McKay. Straw into Gold, or Rumpelstiltskin (сказка), p. 21
  4. Hilary McKay. The Rose Round the Palace, or Cinderella (сказка), p. 49
  5. Hilary McKay. The Fountain in the Market Square, or The Pied Piper of Hamelin (сказка), p. 79
  6. Hilary McKay. Chickenpox and Crystal, or Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (сказка), p. 97
  7. Hilary McKay. The Prince and the Problem, or The Princess and the Pea (сказка), p. 137
  8. Hilary McKay. Over the Hills and Far Away, or Red Riding Hood and Tom the Piper's Son (сказка), p. 171
  9. Hilary McKay. Things Were Different in Those Days, or The Twelve Dancing Princesses (сказка), p. 207
  10. Hilary McKay. What I Did in the Holidays and Why Hansel's Jacket Is So Tight (by Gretel, aged 10), or Hansel and Gretel (сказка), p. 237
  11. Hilary McKay. Sweet William by Rushlight, or The Swan Brothers (сказка), p. 265
  12. About the Author, p. 290
  13. About the Illustrator, p. 291
  14. Bibliography/Further Reading, p. 292


Dimensions: 135x216 mm

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