If November 1969

«If, November 1969»


If, November 1969

Язык издания: английский

1969 г.

Формат: 76x92/32 (110x180 мм)

Страниц: 160


Cover art by J. Gaughan.

Interior art by J. Gaughan.


  1. Ejler Jacobsson. The Dream Keepers (essay), р. 2
  2. James Tiptree, Jr. Happiness Is a Warm Spaceship (novelette), р. 4-48
  3. Irwin Ross. To Kill A World (short story), р. 49-59
  4. Barry Alan Weissman. Genemaster (short story), р. 60-72
  5. Alfred Coppel. For Sacred San Francisco (short story), р. 73-84
  6. Willy Ley. The Story of Our Earth: The Conquest of the Land (essay), р. 85-91
  7. Neal Barrett, Jr. By Civilized Standards (short story), р. 92-104
  8. Lester del Rey. Reading Room (book review), р. 105, 151-156
  9. Keith Laumer. The Seeds of Gonyl (serial continuation), р. 106-145
  10. Theresa M. Treadway. Appropriate Punishment (short story, иллюстрации Д. Гоэна), р. 146-150
  11. The Editor. Hue and Cry (essay), р. 156-158

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