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Franz Rottensteiner «The Science Fiction Book: An Illustrated History»

The Science Fiction Book: An Illustrated History

Язык издания: английский

London: Thames & Hudson, 1975 г.

ISBN: 0-500-27060-0, 978-0-500-27060-8

Тип обложки: мягкая

Страниц: 160


Cover art by A. Sokolov.

[Воспроизведена работа художника «Встреча с внеземным разумом».]


  1. Franz Rottensteiner. The Science Fiction Book: An Illustrated History (энциклопедия/справочник)

    1. Introduction,
    2. Setting the Patterns: H. G. Wells,
    3. Fantasies of Flight,
    4. The Modern Prometheus: Frankenstein, Mr Hyde, Dr Moreau,
    5. The Invasion from Mars,
    6. Dime Novels and Pulp Heroes,
    7. Cyrano de Bergerac: Journeys to the Moon,
    8. The Father of Science Fiction: Hugo Gernsback,
    9. Tsiolkovsky, the Russian Father of Rocketry,
    10. ...and Two Hungarians,
    11. To Barsoom!: The SF Works of Edgar Rice Burroughs,
    12. The Tales of A. Merritt,
    13. Robots...,
    14. ...and Golems,
    15. Space-Time Jugglers: E. E. Smith and Others,
    16. Elder Gods and Eldritch Horror: H. P. Lovecraft,
    17. The Guru of the Engineering Mind: John W. Campbell, Jr,
    18. The Golden Age of SF,
    19. Living Suns and Sentient Planets: Stapledon and Lewis,
    20. The French Father of Science Fiction: Jules Verne,
    21. The Mysterious Captain Nemo,
    22. A World in the Moon: Precursors of SF,
    23. Two Moon Journeys: Verne and Wells,
    24. Into the Hollow Earth,
    25. Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics,
    26. ...and Still More Robots,
    27. Lost Worlds: Arthur Conan Doyle,
    28. Cosmic Forces and Messages of Salvation,
    29. Big Brother is Watching You: Anti-Utopia,
    30. The Illustrator of Worlds to Come: Albert Robida,
    31. Verisimilitude in Science Fiction: Edgar Allan Poe,
    32. The Work of Robert A. Heinlein,
    33. A Pole on the Moon,
    34. Ray Bradbury and the Lost Voice of Childhood,
    35. The Fabulous Art of Hannes Bok,
    36. 2001 — A Space Odyssey,
    37. Buck Rogers, Superman, et al.,
    38. Secondary Universes and Magic Lands,
    39. First Contact: Forms of Life in Outer Space,
    40. Why There Is No Sex in Science Fiction,
    41. SF on TV,
    42. Science Fiction in the Soviet Union,
    43. The Literature of Cataclysm,
    44. The 'New Wave',
    45. Hard SF,
    46. SF Achievements in...
      1. France...,
      2. Japan...,
      3. Italy, Spain, Rumania...,
      4. and Germany,
    47. A Joyfully Mad Cosmos: Kurt Vonnegut, Jr,
    48. Stanisław Lem, the Greatest Contemporary SF Writer,
    49. Some Other SF Authors,
    50. SF Fandom,
    51. Chronology of Science Fiction,
    52. Select Bibliography,
    53. Nebula Awards,
    54. Hugo Awards,


В том же году в США вышло издание в тв.переплете.

Информация об издании предоставлена: тессилуч (художник)

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