Издательство Available Press

Издательство «Available Press»

Годы существования: 1985 – 1991


Robert B. Wyatt set up the controversial Available Press.

The notion behind Available Press was one that had prevailed throughout Wyatt's career: to produce attractive serious reading at affordable prices. To achieve this goal he sought printers who could give him better rates for down, or «available» time. Jackets with no more than two or three colors and pickup art were used. One jacket included a sales person's footprint, another paw/claw prints of staff pets. No funds were needed for Available Press stationary because Wyatt made his own by impressing rubber stamps of the logo on the regular Ballantine issue. A Southern printer, however, did take heart and sent the Available Press a carton of Available mailing materials of his own making. The format and distribution changed over the years, but the prices were always kept below the competition of trade paperbacks and sometimes were less expensive than mass market books.

In the seven years of its existence, the Available Press issued seventy-five titles in an astonishing array of first fiction, poetry, plays, illustrated novels, rap prose, picture books, and serious non-fiction. A few of the names to appear on original paperbacks editions included Pat Barker, Janwillem van de Wetering, William Bernhardt, Patric Kuh, Michael Upchurch, Rosario Ferré, Derek Raymond, Henry Van Dyke, William Heyen, Jonathan Strong, Fanny Howe, Phillipe Labro, William Heyen, David Handler, David Suter, Sabrina Murray, and Jesse Green.

New York
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019 USA
Гл. редактор:
Robert B. Wyatt

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