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Harper Design — импринт американского отделения холдинга HarperCollins Publishers, специализирующийся на выпуске иллюстрированных изданий.

New York
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022

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Внесерийные издания

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

2019 год

Описание: Cover art and interior artwork by MinaLima.

Doctor Who: The Doctor's Lives and Times

2014 год

Описание: The story of Doctor Who's life presented as a series of in-universe documents, letters, files and so on.


2014 год

Описание: This stunning book is packed with outstanding examples of the recent work of Boris Vallejo. and Julie Bell. Featuring muscle-bound heroes, fierce dragons and dazzlingly beautiful women in fantastical, otherworldly landscapes, their work is unrivalled in its field.
The A4 size 192-page hardcover artbook is filled with more than 150 paintings, mostly printed one on each page with a few over two pages. Most paintings are in portrait format and fit nicely within the page. Also included in the book is a set of limited-edition art prints, beautifully packaged in an envelope at the back of the book.

Gilliamesque: My Pre-posthumous Memoir

2015 год

Описание: Cover design by gray318.

The Art of Neil Gaiman

2014 год

Описание: Nonfiction study of Neil Gaiman and his work, with insight from Gaiman’s personal notebooks, early work, and abandoned projects. Gaiman provides commentary, interview text, and annotations.
Cover design by Alastair Campbell. Cover photo by Allan Amato.


The Secret Garden

2018 год

Описание: Cover art and interior artwork by MinaLima.
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