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«Fantastic Universe, January 1954»


Fantastic Universe, January 1954

Язык издания: английский

1954 г. (январь)

Страниц: 160


Cover art by Joe Richards.


  1. The Editor. Science and Fantasy (essay), fep.
  2. Poul Anderson. The Sensitive Man (novella), р. 2-48
  3. Walt Sheldon. Jimsy and the Monsters (short story), р. 49-61
  4. John Wyndham. Never on Mars (short story), р. 62-82
  5. Philip José Farmer. They Twinkled Like Jewels (short story), р. 83-95
  6. Dal Stivens. The Gambling Ghost (short story), р. 96-100
  7. Philip K. Dick. Beyond the Door (short story), р. 101-106
  8. John Victor Peterson. Lost in the Future (short story), р. 107-109
  9. Robert Abernathy. The Record of Currupira (short story), р. 110-121
  10. Charles E. Fritch. The Odyssey of Sam Meecham (short story), р. 122-129
  11. Albert Hernhuter. Texas Week (short story), р. 130-132
  12. Frank Belknap Long. The Man the Martians Made (short story), р. 133-149
  13. Robert Moore Williams. Be It Ever Thus (short story), р. 150-160
  14. The Publisher. The Female Invasion (essay), bep.

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