Generation An Anthology of ...

«Generation: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction»


Generation: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction

первое издание

Язык издания: английский

Составители: David Gerrold, Stephen Goldin

New York: Dell, 1972 г. (июль)

ISBN: 440-02833-095

Тип обложки: мягкая

Страниц: 236


Cover art by Robert Foster


  1. David Gerrold. Introduction (предисловие), p. 11
  2. Evelyn Lief. Every Fourth House (рассказ), p. 15
  3. Piers Anthony. Up Schist Crick (рассказ), p. 20
  4. James Tiptree, Jr. Through a Lass Darkly (рассказ), p. 41
  5. James Stevens. The Birthday Boy (рассказ), p. 47
  6. Alice Laurance. Reprisal (рассказ), p. 57
  7. Gene Wolfe. It's Very Clean (рассказ), p. 73
  8. Robert Ray. Psychedelic Flight (рассказ), p. 79
  9. Stephen Goldin. Stubborn (рассказ), p. 88
  10. David R. Bunch. The Lady Was for Kroinking (рассказ), p. 91
  11. Dennis O'Neil. ...After They've Seen Paree (рассказ), p. 97
  12. Roger Deeley. The Shortest Science-Fiction Story Ever Told (микрорассказ), p. 112
  13. Robert E. Toomey, Jr. The Re-Creation (рассказ), p. 113
  14. Barry N. Malzberg. Vidi Vici Veni (рассказ), p. 115
  15. James Tiptree, Jr. Amberjack (рассказ), p. 122
  16. V. N. McIntyre. The Galactic Clock (рассказ), p. 125
  17. Paul A. Carter. Constitution in E Flat (рассказ), p. 146
  18. Kathleen Sky. One Ordinary Day, with Box (рассказ), p. 153
  19. James Sutherland, Ed Bryant. Beside Still Waters (рассказ), p. 161
  20. Jody Harper, Ed Bryant. Nova Morning (рассказ), p. 171
  21. Roger Deeley. Here's a Health Unto His Majesty (рассказ), p. 178
  22. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Everything that Begins with an «M» (рассказ), p. 185
  23. Gardner R. Dozois. Conditioned Reflex (рассказ), p. 193
  24. Joseph F. Pumilia. The Porter of Hell-Gate (рассказ), p. 201
  25. C. F. Hensel. A Sense of Thyme (рассказ), p. 209
  26. David Gerrold. All of Them Were Empty (рассказ), p. 221


Cover art is not credited, but there is a visible signature 'Foster' at upper right margin, which is cropped on some copies.

Catalog number «2833» printed on the front cover. «440-02833-095» printed on the spine. The ISBN 0-440-02833-7 could be derived, but this number was assigned to another publication.

Title page hass «Aided and abetted by Stephen Goldin».

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