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«Travellers In Darkness: The Souvenir Book of the World Horror Convention 2007»

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Travellers In Darkness: The Souvenir Book of the World Horror Convention 2007

первое издание

Язык издания: английский


World Horror Convention 2007, 2007 г. (март)

ISBN: 978-0-9782902-0-7 [0-9782902-0-8]

Тип обложки: твёрдая

Страниц: 276


Cover art by John Picacio.


  1. Amanda Foubister. Foreword: The Diversity of Horror (статья)
  2. Stephen Jones. Introduction: What's in a Book (статья)
  3. Nicholas Royle. Dreaming of Mike (эссе)
  4. Michael Marshall Smith. The Things He Said (рассказ)
  5. Nancy Holder. In Praise of Nancy Kilpatrick: An Appreciation For Nancy Two (статья)
  6. Nancy Kilpatrick. The Vechi Barbat (рассказ)
  7. Joe R. Lansdale. He Will Be Legend (эссе)
  8. Neil Gaiman. Peter Crowther: The Awful Truth (эссе)
  9. Peter Crowther. Dark Times (рассказ)
  10. Michael Rowe. Wild Things Live Here: An Appreciation of Don Hutchison and the Northern Frights Anthology Series (эссе)
  11. Don Hutchison. Canada's War-Time King of Horror (эссе)
  12. Dennis Etchison. Two or Three Things I Know About Him (эссе)
  13. Peter Atkins. Building the Beast (in Stages): The Hidden Histories of Hell on Earth (эссе)
  14. Monica J. O'Rourke. The Good Witch of the North (эссе)
  15. Sephera Giron. Wishful Thinking (эссе)
  16. Norman Partridge. Hisownself (эссе)
  17. Joe R. Lansdale. The Night They Missed the Horror Show (рассказ)
  18. Mike Ashley. That Other Weird Tales (эссе)
  19. Barry Forshaw. HWA Bram Stoker Lifetime Achievement Award Winner: Thomas Harris (эссе)
  20. Ramsey Campbell. Twenty :-) It Stirs (рассказ)
  21. Kim Newman. Canadian Horror on Film (эссе)
  22. Brian Lumley. Late Shopping (рассказ)
  23. Raymond Alexander. The Road to Borderland: An Informal, Albeit Biased History of Canada's First Semi-Pro Dark Fantasy Magazine (эссе)
  24. Robert (J.) Sawyer. Above It All (рассказ)
  25. David Morrell. Scavenger and Time Capsules: Lost Messages From the Past (эссе)
  26. F. Paul Wilson. Riding the R (рассказ)
  27. Gahan Wilson. A Portfolio (иллюстрации Г. Уилсона)
  28. Stephen Jones. Gone... But Not Forgotten: 2006 (эссе)
  29. Grant Allen. Pallinghurst Barrow (рассказ)

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