Fantastic Universe October ...

«Fantastic Universe, October-November 1953»


Fantastic Universe, October-November 1953

Язык издания: английский

1953 г.

Страниц: 192


  1. The Editor. The Aliens (essay), fep.
  2. Jacques Jean Ferrat. The Sane Men of Satan (novella), р. 2-52
  3. Evelyn E. Smith. Nightmare on the Nose (short story), р. 53-61
  4. Philip K. Dick. Planet for Transients (short story), р. 62-73
  5. George Whitley. Moonflowers and Mary (short story), р. 74-82
  6. Wallace West. Listen, Children… Listen! (short story), р. 83-92
  7. Richard Ashby. The Vertigo Hook (short story), р. 93-98
  8. William Morrison. Date of Publication, 2083 A.D. (short story), р. 99-109
  9. Dal Stivens. The Undoing of Carney Jimmy (short story), р. 110-112
  10. Curtis W. Casewit. The French Way (short story), р. 113-118
  11. Richard Phillipps. Some Kinds of Life (short story), р. 119-127
  12. William F. Temple. The Whispering Gallery (short story), р. 128-142
  13. C. M. Kornbluth. Everybody Knows Joe (short story), р. 143-145
  14. A. Bertram Chandler. The Forest of Knives (novelette), р. 146-188
  15. The Editor. Universe in Books (books review), р. 189-192
  16. The Publisher. The Literary Spaceship (essay), bep.

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