Fantastic Universe June ...

«Fantastic Universe, June 1955»


Fantastic Universe, June 1955

Язык издания: английский

1955 г.

Формат: другой

Страниц: 128


Cover art by Kelly Freas.


  1. Frank Belknap Long. The Story Behind the Cover… (essay), fep.
  2. Theodore Sturgeon. The Riddle of Ragnarok (novelet), р. 4-18
  3. Lester del Rey. In the Still Waters (novelet), р. 19-37
  4. Robert F. Young. The Grown-Up People's Feet (short story), р. 38-40
  5. Isaac Asimov. The Last Trump (short story), р. 41-54
  6. Alice Eleanor Jones. Miss Quatro (short story), р. 55-63
  7. Robert Epstein. Exchange (short story), р. 64-69
  8. Evelyn E. Smith. Teragram (short story), р. 70-76
  9. Stuart McIver. The Mech Fighter (short story), р. 77-85
  10. F. B. Bryning. Pass the Oxygen (short story), р. 86-93
  11. Poul Anderson. The Soldier from the Stars (novelet), р. 94-115
  12. William Morrison. Hiding Place (short story), р. 116-124
  13. Robert Sheckley. The Deep Hole to China (short story), р. 125-128


Theodore Sturgeon's story «The Riddle of Ragnarok» is incorrectly listed in the table of contents as «The Riddle of Ragnorak». It is spelt correctly on the story itself.

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