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«Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, September 1979»

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Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, September 1979

Язык издания: английский

1979 г. (сентябрь)

Страниц: 196



  1. Isaac Asimov. Editorial: The Vocabulary of SF (статья, иллюстрации К. Фриса), p. 6-13
  2. On Books, p. 14-22
    1. Baird Searles. Review: Janissaries by Jerry Pournelle (рецензия)
    2. Baird Searles. Review: The Dancers of Arun by Elizabeth A. Lynn (рецензия)
    3. Baird Searles. Review: Castle Roogna by Piers Anthony (рецензия)
    4. Baird Searles. Review: Hot Sleep: The Worthing Chronicle by Orson Scott Card (рецензия)
    5. Baird Searles. Review: Chrome by George Nader (рецензия)
    6. Baird Searles. Review: The Language of the Night by Ursula K. Le Guin (рецензия)
    7. Baird Searles. Review: Don't Bite the Sun by Tanith Lee (рецензия)
    8. Baird Searles. Review: Boris: Book Two by Boris Vallejo (рецензия)
  3. Jeanne Hopkins. Still in the Galaxy (стихотворение), p. 22
  4. Isaac Asimov. The Backward Look (рассказ, иллюстрации Д. Гоэна), p. 24-41
  5. Correction to Martin Gardner's "Tanya Tackles Topology" from July 1979 issue, p. 41
  6. Martin Gardner. Dracula Makes a Martini (микрорассказ), p. 42
  7. Erwin S. Strauss. The SF Conventional Calendar (заметка), p. 43
  8. J. E. Walters. Jenning's Operative Webster (рассказ, иллюстрации К. Кофоеда), p. 45-61
  9. Answer to Dracula Makes a Martini, p. 61
  10. Milton A. Rothman. On the Fundamental Mystery of Physics (статья), p. 62-90
  11. Frederick Longbeard. SHAWNA, Ltd. (рассказ, иллюстрации Дж. Барра), p. 91-98
  12. Second Answer to Dracula Makes a Martini, p. 98
  13. Steve Perry, Jesse Peel. Solo (рассказ, иллюстрации К. Кофоеда), p. 100-114
  14. John M. Ford. The Adventure of the Solitary Engineer (рассказ, иллюстрации Фреффа), p. 115-119
  15. Third Answer to Dracula Makes a Martini, p. 119
  16. Barry B. Longyear. Enemy Mine (повесть, иллюстрации В. Ди Фейта), p. 121-181
  17. Letters (письма), p. 182-191
    1. Dave Dellinger. "Dear Sir: First, I must say that I find..." (письмо), p. 182
    2. Kimberley Wheat. "Dear Sir: I'd like to compliment you..." (письмо), p. 182
    3. Todd Tomason. "Gentle Editors: I have just purchased the February edition..." (письмо), p. 183
    4. John A. Schaible. "Dear Dr. Asimov: I have just finished "Nothing for Nothing"..." (письмо), p. 183-184
    5. John W. Reed. "Dear Dr. Asimov, I would like to explain to you..." (письмо), p. 184-185
    6. Patricia Kaspar. "Dear Dr. Asimov and Mr. Scithers, you seem sincere..." (письмо), p. 185-186
    7. Scott Hewitt. "Dear Dr. Asimov and/or Mr. Scithers, okay, okay..." (письмо), p. 186-187
    8. Roberta A. Beal. "Mr. Asimov, may I please be one of the thousands..." (письмо), p. 187
    9. B. R. Barbre. "Dear Mr. Scithers, in my usual manner..." (письмо), p. 188
    10. Theresa Holmes. "Dear Mr. Scithers, I find both of your magazines heartening..." (письмо), p. 189
    11. Sharon K. Wisdom. "Dear Sir; I am steadfastly resisting an urge..." (письмо), p. 189
    12. Linda A. Kropff. "Dear George and others, being still behind in my subscription..." (письмо), p. 190
    13. Bob Perkins. "Dear Dr. A & Mr. Scithers: Okay, okay..." (письмо), p. 190-191
    14. Larr R. Card. "Dear Dr. Asimov and Mr. Scithers: I want you to know..." (письмо), p. 191

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