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«Uncanny Magazine, Issue Four. May-June 2015»

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Uncanny Magazine, Issue Four. May-June 2015

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Язык издания: английский

2015 г. (май)


Issue 4.

Cover art by Tran Nguyen.


  1. About Our Cover Artist: Tran Nguyen
  2. Lynne M. Thomas, Michael Damian Thomas. The Uncanny Valley (статья)
  3. Catherynne M. Valente. Planet Lion (рассказ)
  4. A. C. Wise. The Practical Witch’s Guide to Acquiring Real Estate (рассказ)
  5. John Chu. Restore the Heart into Love (рассказ)
  6. Elizabeth Bear. In Libres (рассказ)
  7. Lisa Bolekaja. Three Voices (рассказ)
  8. Delia Sherman. Young Woman in a Garden (рассказ)
  9. Mike Glyer. It's the Big One (статья)
  10. Julia Rios. Top Five Myths About YA (статья)
  11. Kameron Hurley. I Don't Care About Your MFA: On Writing vs. Storytelling (статья)
  12. Christopher J. Garcia. The Force That Was Peggy Rae Sapienza (статья)
  13. Steven H. Silver. Peggy Rae: Friend, Mentor, Superhero (статья)
  14. Alyssa Wong. For the Gardener's Daughter (стихотворение)
  15. Ali Trotta. From the High Priestess to the Hanged Man (стихотворение)
  16. Isabel Yap. Apologies for breaking the glass slipper (стихотворение)
  17. John Chu, Deborah Stanish. Interview: John Chu (интервью)
  18. Delia Sherman, Deborah Stanish. Interview: Delia Sherman (интервью)
  19. Thank You, Kickstarter Backers!

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