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«Uncanny Magazine, Issue Thirteen. November-December 2016»

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Uncanny Magazine, Issue Thirteen. November-December 2016

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Язык издания: английский

2016 г. (ноябрь)


Issue 13.

Cover art by Julie Dillon.


  1. About Our Cover Artist: Julie Dillon
  2. Lynne M. Thomas, Michael Damian Thomas. The Uncanny Valley (статья)
  3. Paul Cornell. Don't You Worry, You Aliens (рассказ)
  4. Brooke Bolander. Our Talons Can Crush Galaxies (рассказ)
  5. Jennifer Marie Brissett. Kamanti's Child (рассказ)
  6. Alex Bledsoe. White Hart, Black Knight (рассказ)
  7. Kat Howard. The Green Knight's Wife (рассказ)
  8. Nalo Hopkinson. Can't Beat 'Em (рассказ)
  9. Amal El-Mohtar. Seasons of Glass and Iron (рассказ)
  10. Alyssa Wong. They Love Me Not: How Fictional Villains Saved My Life (статья)
  11. Monica Valentinelli. We Have Always Been Here, Motherfucker (статья)
  12. Navah Wolfe. A Saga of Ink and Tea: Welcome to the Woods (статья)
  13. Tansy Rayner Roberts. How the Avengers Killed the Justice League (статья)
  14. Keidra Chaney. Living, Working, and Fangirling with a Chronic Illness (статья)
  15. Hao Jingfang. I Want to Write 'A History of Inequality' (статья, перевод K. Liu)
  16. Neil Gaiman. The Long Run (стихотворение)
  17. Theodora Goss. Rose Child (стихотворение)
  18. Sofia Samatar. Blue Flowers: Fragments (стихотворение)
  19. Jennifer Marie Brissett, Julia Rios. Interview: Jennifer Marie Brissett (интервью)
  20. Alex Bledsoe, Julia Rios. Interview: Alex Bledsoe (интервью)

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