Работы художника К Ю ...

  Работы художника К.Ю. Джонсона
К.Ю. Джонсона
Страна: США
Родился: 1954 г.

We know very little about Kevin Eugene Johnson, other than the fact he painted some spectacular covers for the early books by Raymond E. Feist, including the US paperbacks of Magician Apprentice, Magician Master, Silverthorn, and, A Darkness at Sethanon, he also produced the cover for the US Hardcover of Prince of the Blood. His painting career is know to extend from the late 1970's to the late 1990's, and includes covers for the Fantasy, and, Romance Genres. When our webmaster spoke with Kevin back in 2000 he was living in Colorado, apparently no longer painting, but sculpting.

Some of other titles that carried his art include:

Throne of Fools by Adrian Cole

The Gods in Anger by Adrian Cole

Singularity by William Sleator

Kingdom of Summer by Gillian Bradshaw

Robert Silverberg's Time Tours Volume 1 thru 6

The Key of the Keplian by Andre Norton & Lyn McConchie

The Warding of Witch World by Andre Norton

Emerald House Rising by Peg Kerr

Sword at Sunset by Rosemary Sutcliff

Frost by Robin W. Bailey

The Seekers and the Sword by Michael Jan Friedman

The Sword and the Tower by Justin Leiber

The Christening Quest by Elizabeth Scarborough

The Sorcery Within by Dave Smeds

The Passing of the Gods by David C.Smith

The Aquiliad by Somtow Sucharitkul

Past Times by Poul Anderson

The Colors of Space by Marion Zimmer Bradley

If you have anymore information on Kevin E. Johnson, his art, biography, website etc. please contact us, as we would be like to hear from you.

 Обложки изданий (1):

Жизнь Роберта Говарда
2017 г.

 Внутренние иллюстрации изданий (1) :

The Ultimate Dinosaur
1992 г.

 Издания не на русском языке (11) :

The Adventures of Alyx
1976 г.

Dark Valley Destiny: The Life of Robert E. Howard
1983 г.
Whispers #19-20, October 1983
1983 г.
Cugel's Saga
1983 г.

It Came From Schenectady
1984 г.
The Tomb
1984 г.
1984 г.

The Warlock of Rhada
1985 г.

The Rebel of Rhada
1986 г.
The Navigator of Rhada
1986 г.
The Starkahn of Rhada
1986 г.

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