Работы художника Г Галлардо

Художник — Гервасио Галлардо

Г. Галлардо
Страна: Испания
Родился: 5 июня 1934 г.

Гервасио Галлардо (Gervasio Gallardo) — испанский художник, иллюстратор.

Born at Barcelona, Gallardo studied in Spain, working for several Spanish advertising agencies, before moving to Munich, Germany in 1959. The next four years he spent working for the Delpire Agency in Paris, before travelling to the United States in 1963. Here he met Frank and Jeff Lavaty, who represent his work to this day.

In 1969, he was commissioned by Ballantine Books to create cover art for their Ballantine Adult Fantasy series. He went on to be the most prolific of their cover artists, creating a total of twenty-nine. Since then, he has created at least eighteen covers for other authors, including producing all of the artwork for his own release: The Fantastic World of Gervasio Gallardo. Eventually Gallardo returned to Barcelona to set up a studio. In 1977, 1978 and 1979 Gervasio Gallardo was represented at the International Art Fair of Basel by Sala Gaudí art gallery, where he exhibited individually in 1976 and 1978 and which today has a large part of his work.

Gallardo has won numerous awards within Europe and the United States, and has exhibited his work in Paris, Barcelona, and the United States.


Gallardo's covers include works by:

Peter S. Beagle

George MacDonald

Hope Mirrlees

H. P. Lovecraft

Hannes Bok

G. K. Chesterton

Lin Carter

Edmund Cooper and Roger Lancelyn Green

F. Marion Crawford

Lord Dunsany

Clark Ashton Smith

Sanders Anne Laubenthal

H. Warner Munn

William Morris

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Номинации на премии:

Всемирная премия фэнтези / World Fantasy Award, 1975 // Художник
Премия Чесли / Chesley Awards (ASFA), 1990 // Иллюстрация на обложке журнала. Omni (январь 1989)

Обложки изданий (8)


Легенды грустный плен
1991 г.
Мир в латах
1991 г.
Охота на дракона
1991 г.
Зимний единорог: сказочно - фантастические повести и рассказы
1991 г.

Техника - молодёжи № 10 1998
1998 г.

Украинская фантастика 2005
2005 г.

2023 г.

Внутренние иллюстрации изданий (5)


The Fantastic World of Gervasio Gallardo
1976 г.

Сирена 1
1991 г.

Сирена 3
1992 г.

Колдуны и ведьмы
1996 г.
Волшебные животные
1996 г.

Издания не на русском языке (35)


A Fine and Private Place
1969 г.
1969 г.
The Wood Beyond the World
1969 г.

Beyond the Golden Stair
1970 г.
The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath
1970 г.
The Last Unicorn
1970 г.
1970 г.
The Well at the World's End, Vol  I
1970 г.
The Well at the World's End: Volume II
1970 г.

The Spawn of Cthulhu
1971 г.
The Survivor and Others
1971 г.
The Doom That Came to Sarnath
1971 г.
Fungi from Yuggoth And Other Poems
1971 г.
1971 г.
The Man Who Was Thursday
1971 г.
1971 г.

1972 г.
Great Short Novels of Adult Fantasy
1972 г.
Lovecraft: A Look Behind the Cthulhu Mythos
1972 г.
Beyond the Fields We Know
1972 г.

1973 г.
Great Short Novels of Adult Fantasy Volume II
1973 г.
The Charwoman's Shadow
1973 г.
Imaginary Worlds
1973 г.

Merlin's Ring
1974 г.
The Science Fiction Bestiary
1974 г.
Chains of the Sea
1974 г.
Over the Hills and Far Away
1974 г.

The Forgotten Beasts of Eld
1975 г.

Lovers Living, Lovers Dead
1979 г.

Rumors of Spring
1987 г.

Omni, January 1989
1989 г.

Omni Visions One
1993 г.
Strange Dreams
1993 г.

Omni Visions Two
1994 г.

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