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Sam J. Lundwall «Science Fiction: What It's All About»

Science Fiction: What It's All About

Язык издания: английский

New York: Ace Books, 1971 г.

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Страниц: 256


Cover art by Dean Ellis.


  1. Sam J. Lundwall. Science Fiction: What It's All About (монография, перевод S. Lundwall)

    1. Donald A. Wollheim. Introduction (статья), с. 7-11
    2. 1.The Fantastic Novel, c. 13-25
    3. 2.The Prehistory, c. 26-40
    4. 3.Utopia, c. 41-57
    5. 4.The Air-Conditioned Nightmare, c. 58-73
    6. 5.The Magic Unreality, c. 74-115
    7. 6.Out in the Unknown, c. 116-142
    8. 7.Women, Robots and Other Peculiarities, c. 143-179
    9. 8.The Mass-Culture Strikes, c. 180-198
    10. 9.The Magazine, c. 199-215
    11. 10.FIAWOL!, c. 216-227
    12. 11.The Future, c. 228-241
    13. Notes, c. 242-244
    14. Bibliography, c. 245-246
    15. Index, c. 247-256


Размер книги: 10,5х17,5 см.

A very nice book on the history of science fiction from an European viewpoint. Several illustrations are provided throughout the book. There is a section of notes, bibliography, and an index to complete the book. The volume was translated by the author from a Swedish language book originally published in 1969.

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