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«Avon Science Fiction and Fantasy Reader, January 1953»

Все издания:РЕКЛАМА 18+


Avon Science Fiction and Fantasy Reader, January 1953

Язык издания: английский

1953 г. (январь)

Страниц: 132


Volume 1, number №1.

Cover art by Leo Manso.


  1. Alfred Coppel. For Humans Only
  2. Irving E. Cox, Jr. Like Gods They Came
  3. Arthur C. Clarke. The Forgotten Enemy
  4. Bryce Walton. The Agents
  5. John Christopher. Mr. Kowtshook
  6. Noah Gordon. The Space Ark
  7. Noah Gordon. Review: Lancelot Biggs: Spaceman by Nelson Bond
  8. Noah Gordon. Review: Space Hawk by Anthony Gilmore
  9. Noah Gordon. Review: The Haploids by Jerry Sohl
  10. Noah Gordon. Review: Double Jeopardy by Fletcher Pratt
  11. Noah Gordon. Review: Sands of Mars by Arthur C. Clarke
  12. E. Everett Evans. The Shed
  13. Milton Lesser. Come Blow Your Horn!
  14. Charles L. Harness. The Call of the Black Lagoon
  15. Glen Malin. Agratha
  16. John Jakes. Checkmate Morning
  17. Frank Owen. One-Man God
  18. Theodore R. Cogswell. The Short Count


Editors: Sol Cohen

Cover art supplied by Galactic Central

Publisher: Avon Novels, Inc.

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