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«Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 178: British Fantasy and Science-Fiction Writers Before World War I»

Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 178: British Fantasy and Science-Fiction Writers Before World War I

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Farmington Hills (MI): Gale Research, 1997 г.

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ISBN: 0-8103-9941-5

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Non-fiction, reference.

A handsomely-produced volume with an introduction and bio-bibliographical essays on some 28 writers, illustrated with photographs of them, their books, manuscripts etc. Each essay is preceded by a list of the writer's principal works in the field, and followed by lists of references to such items as published interviews and letters, biographies, bibliographies, important articles, and a note on the writer's papers.


  1. Darren Harris-Fain. Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 178: British Fantasy and Science-Fiction Writers Before World War I (энциклопедия/справочник)

    1. Plan of the Series, c. vii-viii
    2. Darren Harris-Fain. Introduction, c. ix-xvi
    3. Darren Harris-Fain. Edwin A. Abbott, c. 3-6
    4. Nicholas Ruddick. Grant Allen, c. 7-16
    5. Darren Harris-Fain. F. Anstey (Thomas Anstey Guthrie), c. 17-22
    6. Richard Bleiler. Edwin L. Arnold, c. 23-26
    7. Richard Bleiler. John Davys Beresford, c. 27-34
    8. Darren Harris-Fain. Algernon Henry Blackwood, c. 35-44
    9. Darren Harris-Fain. Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson), c. 45-51
    10. Kyle W. Friedow. G.K. Chesterton, c. 52-67
    11. Terry Heller. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, c. 68-86
    12. Elizabeth S. Davidson. George Du Maurier, c. 87-91
    13. Johan Heje. E.M. Forster, c. 92-97
    14. Walter Albert. Kenneth Grahame, c. 98-102
    15. Darren Harris-Fain. George Griffith, c. 103-108
    16. Elizabeth S. Davidson. H. Rider Haggard, с. 109-120
    17. Samuel W. Bruce. William Hope Hodgson, c. 121-131
    18. Corbin Scott Carnell. Charles Kingsley, c. 132-138
    19. Amelia A. Rutledge. Vernon Lee (Violet Paget), c. 139-146
    20. Gary William Crawford. Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, c. 147-154
    21. Larry R. Hamm. Matthew Gregory Lewis, c. 155-162
    22. Amelia A. Rutledge. George MacDonald, c. 163-173
    23. Donald M. Hassler. Arthur Llewelyn Jones Machen, c. 174-180
    24. Darren Harris-Fain. Charles Robert Maturin, c. 181-187
    25. Corbin Scott Carnell. William Morris, c. 188-199
    26. Amelia A. Rutledge. E. Nesbit, c. 200-213
    27. Deborah D. Rogers. Ann Radcliffe, c. 214-221
    28. Darren Harris-Fain. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, c. 222-228
    29. Stephanie Moss. Bram Stoker, c. 229-237
    30. Darren Harris-Fain. H.G. Wells, c. 238-256
    31. Appendix: Documents in British Fantasy and Science Fiction
      1. Horace Walpole. Prefaces to The Castle of Otranto
        1. Horace Walpole. Preface to the First Edition (1765) (статья), c. 259-260
        2. Horace Walpole. Preface to the Second Edition (1765) (статья), c. 260-262
      2. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. Preface to Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus (1818), c. 263-263
      3. Bram Stoker. On Writing Dracula, from the Introduction to Dracula (1897), c. 264-264
      4. G.K. Chesterton. "The Ethics of Elfland" (1908) (эссе), c. 265-274
      5. E.M. Forster. "Fantasy", from Aspects of the Novel (1927) (эссе), c. 275-280
      6. H.G. Wells. Preface to The Scientific Romances of H.G. Wells (1933) (статья), c. 281-283
    32. Books for Further Reading, c. 285-288
    33. Contributors, c. 289-289
    34. Cumulative Index, c. 291-363


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