Weird Tales Summer 1988

««Weird Tales» Summer 1988»


«Weird Tales» Summer 1988

Язык издания: английский

1988 г.


Cover art by Stephen Fabian.


  1. Darrell Schweitzer, John Gregory Betancourt, George H. Scithers. The Eyrie (Weird Tales, Summer 1988) (статья)
    Book Reviews by John Gregory Betancourt:
  2. A Mask for the General by Lisa Goldstein
  3. The Year's Best Fantasy Stories: 13 by Arthur W. Saha
  4. Land of Dreams by James P. Blaylock
  5. The Secret Ascension; or, Philip K. Dick is Dead, Alas by Michael Bishop
  6. Polyphemus by Michael Shea
  7. Haunted Castles: The Complete Gothic Tales of Ray Russell by Ray Russell
  8. Yellow Fog by Les Daniels
  9. The Moon's Revenge by Joan Aiken
  10. The Dark Descent by David G. Hartwell
  11. The Oxford Book of English Ghost Stories by Michael Cox and R. A. Gilbert
  12. Whispers 23-4 by Stuart David Schiff
  13. Psycho II by Robert Bloch
  14. Lost in Time and Space with Lefty Feep by Robert Bloch
  15. The Complete Robert Bloch by Randall D. Larson
  16. The Art of Segrelles by Vicente Segrelles
  17. The Damnation Game (Books on Tape) by Clive Barker
  18. Tanith Lee. The Unrequited Glove (рассказ)
  19. Weird Tales Talks with Tanith Lee (интервью)
  20. Robert Frazier. The Communal Nightmare (стихотворение)
  21. Robert Frazier. A Cautionary Note to Travelers through the Mutant Rain Forest (стихотворение)
  22. Ronald Anthony Cross. The Initiate (рассказ)
  23. Morgan Llywelyn. Princess (рассказ)
  24. Nancy Springer. Bad Lands (рассказ)
  25. F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre. Improbable Bestiary: The Ghoul (стихотворение)
  26. Brian Lumley. Fruiting Bodies (рассказ)
  27. Joseph Payne Brennan. Because (стихотворение)
  28. Harry Turtledove. After the Last Elf Is Dead (рассказ)
  29. Marvin Nathan Kaye. Thanatopsis (стихотворение)
  30. Janet Fox. Telepathy (стихотворение)
  31. Joseph Payne Brennan. Haunted House (стихотворение)
  32. Ken Wisman. My Mother's Purse (рассказ)
  33. Tanith Lee. The Kingdoms of the Air (рассказ)

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