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«Russian Studies in Literature. Volume 52. №3-4»


Russian Studies in Literature. Volume 52. №3-4

Язык издания: английский

2016 г.

Страниц: 108


  1. Sibelan Forrester. Fantastika: An Update on Science Fiction and Fantasy in Russia (статья), p. 205-208
  2. Sergei Shickarev. High Waves, Quiet Backwaters (статья), p. 209-234
  3. Ekaterina Ivanova. On Both Sides of Fiction (статья), p. 235-248
  4. Dar'ia Zarubina. Two Blizzards, or Authors of Speculative Fiction Write for Young Adults (статья), p. 249-256
  5. Ekaterina Ivanova. Obscurants in Babylon (статья), p. 257-265
  6. Maria Galina. In the End Was the Word (статья), p. 266-273
  7. Vasilii Vladimirskii. Speculative Fiction in Russia and the Alchemy of Renewal (статья, перевод K. Cargill), p. 274-281
  8. Dmitrii Zanerv. It's Easy to Be One of the Intelligentsia (статья), p. 282-302
  9. Dmitrii Volodikhin. Ice and Flame (статья), p. 303-310

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