Etchings Odysseys 4

«Etchings & Odysseys #4»


Etchings & Odysseys #4

Язык издания: английский

Составители: , ,

Madison (WI): The Strange Company, 1984 г. (апрель)

Тираж: 500 экз.

Страниц: 78


Cover art by David Pudelwitts.


  1. Notes
  2. Ray Bradbury. Henry Kuttner Recalled (статья)
  3. J. Vernon Shea. Henry Kuttner: A Memoir (статья)
  4. Fritz Leiber. I Remember Hank (эссе)
  5. Robert Bloch. Henry Kuttner (эссе)
  6. Leigh Brackett. My Friend, Henry Kuttner (статья)
  7. Edmond Hamilton. My Friend, Henry Kuttner (статья)
  8. Mary Elizabeth Counselman. Hank and "Weird Tales" (статья)
  9. Henry Kuttner. It Walks by Night (рассказ)
  10. Paul Dale Anderson. Random Factors: The Recurring Themes of Henry Kuttner (эссе)
  11. Letter to Leigh Brackett and Ed Hamilton, June 14, 1949 by Henry Kuttner
  12. Henry Kuttner. Selling the Fantasy Story (эссе)
  13. Henry Kuttner. The Frog (рассказ)
  14. Billy Wolfenbarger. Consumption (стихотворение)
  15. Letter by Murray Leinster
  16. Dee Doyle. The Flavor of the Dance: C. L. Moore Talks about Hank (интервью)
  17. Letter to Lee Brackett and Ed Hamilton, June 16, 1949 by Henry Kuttner
  18. George C. Diezel, II. Thank You — Henry! (эссе)
  19. Henry Kuttner. The Invaders (рассказ)
  20. Letter to Liegh Brackett and Ed Hamilton, July 6, 1949 by Henry Kuttner
  21. James Ambuehl. Acolyte of the Arcane: Henry Kuttner (эссе)
  22. Letter to Leigh Brackett and Ed Hamilton, November 17, 1949 by Henry Kuttner
  23. Letter to Leigh Brackett and Ed Hamilton, April 12, 1950 by Henry Kuttner
  24. Letter to Leigh Brackett and Ed Hamilton, September 3, 1951 by Henry Kuttner


Henry Kuttner issue.

Front cover illustration is «The Terrible Vision of Cthulhu in His City of Horror R'lyeh». «The Frog» and «The Invaders» are facsimiles of the original pulp stories and include first-page art works from the pulp.

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