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«Fantastic Universe, June 1958»


Fantastic Universe, June 1958

Язык издания: английский

1958 г.

Формат: другой

Страниц: 128


Cover art by Virgil Finlay.


  1. Harry Harrison. Simulated Trainer (short story), р. 4-17
  2. Bertram Chandler. Fall of Knight (short story), р. 18-24
  3. Lester del Rey. Who Rules Space (essay), р. 25-36
  4. Eric Frank Russell. There's Always Tomorrow (short story), р. 37-43
  5. Robert F. Young. Operation Peanut Butter (short story), р. 44-54
  6. Lee Priestley. Thundering Death (novel), р. 55-90
  7. Edward D. Hoch. Zoo (short story), р. 91-92
  8. Franklyn Roberts. Lost Aurora (short story), р. 93-100
  9. John Christopher. Science and Anti-Science (essay), р. 101-103
  10. Civilian Saucer Intelligence. Shapes in the Sky (essay), р. 104-112
  11. Hans Stefan Santesson. Universe in Books (book review), р. 113-121
  12. George Whitley. The Tie That Binds (short story), р. 122-128


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