Fantastic Universe August ...

«Fantastic Universe, August-September 1953»


Fantastic Universe, August-September 1953

Язык издания: английский

1953 г.

Страниц: 192


Cover art by Alex Schomburg.


  1. The Editor. The Invisible Line (essay), fep.
  2. William Campbell Gault. The Mighty Dead (novelette), р. 2-23
  3. Richard Matheson. Full Circle (short story), р. 24-34
  4. Walt Sheldon. This Is Klon Calling (short story), р. 35-38
  5. Evan Hunter. Tales of Tomorrow (novelette), р. 39-60
  6. A. Bertram Chandler. A Matter of Timing (short story), р. 61-75
  7. Poul Anderson. The Disintegrating Sky (short story), р. 76-80
  8. Irving E. Cox, Jr. The Instant of Now (novelette), р. 81-114
  9. Arthur G. Stangland. The House from Nowhere (short story), р. 115-128
  10. Andrew North. All Cats Are Gray (short story), р. 129-134
  11. Dean Evans. The Very Black (short story), р. 135-147
  12. H. Russell Wakefield. The Sepulchre of Jasper Sarasen (short story), р. 148-158
  13. James MacGregor. The Broken Record (short story), р. 159-168
  14. Clifford D. Simak. The Questing of Foster Adams (short story), р. 169-180
  15. Eric Frank Russell. A Great Deal of Power (short story), р. 181-189
  16. The Editor. Universe in Books (book review), р. 190-192
  17. The Publisher. Easy Reading (essay), bep.

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