The Magazine of Fantasy and ...

«The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, January 1959»

Все издания:РЕКЛАМА 18+


The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, January 1959

Язык издания: английский

1959 г.

Формат: 80х108/32 (130х190 мм)

Страниц: 130


Cover art by Ed Emshwiller.


  1. Anthony Boucher. The Quest for Saint Aquin (short story), р. 5-20
  2. Isaac Asimov. No More Ice Ages? (essay), р. 21-33
  3. Avram Davidson. The Woman Who Thought She Could Read (short story), р. 34-41
  4. Fritz Leiber. The Silver Eggheads (novelet), р. 42-84
  5. Grendel Briarton. Ferdinand Feghoot: X (short story), р. 84
  6. Anthony Boucher. Recommended Reading (books review), р. 85-88
  7. Philip K. Dick. Explorers We (short story), р. 89-97
  8. Robert F. Young. Santa Clause (short story), р. 98-106
  9. John Collier. Meeting of Relations (short story), р. 107-109
  10. George P. Elliott. Invasion of the Planet of Love (short story), р. 110-118
  11. Gordon R. Dickson. The R of A (short story), р. 119-130


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