The Magazine of Fantasy and ...

«The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, July 1974»


The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, July 1974

Язык издания: английский

1974 г.

Формат: другой

Страниц: 164


Cover art by Ron Walotsky.


  1. Sterling E. Lanier. A Father’s Tale (novelet), р. 4-35
  2. Haskell Barkin. Mr. Sperling Bugs Out (short story), р. 36-43
  3. George Zebrowski. Books (feature), р. 44-51
  4. Larry Tritten. The Star Sneak (short story), р. 52-55
  5. Robert Thurston. Under Siege (novelet), р. 56-75
  6. Michael G. Coney. The Gateway to Now (short story), р. 76-89
  7. Baird Searles. Films: Mickey Who? (feature), р. 90-92
  8. Barry N. Malzberg. Twenty Sixty-one (short story), р. 94-97
  9. Charles W. Runyon. Once There Were Cows (novelet), р. 98-127
  10. Isaac Asimov. As Easy As Two Plus Three (feature), р. 128-138
  11. Margaret St. Clair. The Shadow of Horns (short story), р. 139-156
  12. Harvey Jacobs. Dress Rehearsal (short story), р. 157-160


Cover illustrates «A Father's Tale».

Dimensions: 188 x 134 mm

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