The Magazine of Fantasy and ...

«The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, April 1971»

Все издания:РЕКЛАМА 18+


The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, April 1971

Язык издания: английский

1971 г. (апрель)

Формат: 80х108/32 (130х190 мм)

Страниц: 132


Special Poul Anderson issue.

Cover art by Frank Kelly Freas.


  1. Poul Anderson. The Queen of Air and Darkness (short novel), р. 5-45
  2. Gordon R. Dickson. Poul Anderson (profile), р. 46-51
  3. James Blish. Poul Anderson: The Enduring Explosion (article), р. 52-55
  4. Poul Anderson: Bibliography, р. 56-63
  5. Karen Anderson. The Unicorn Trade (verse), р. 63
  6. Joanna Russ. Books (review), р. 64-69
  7. David M. Locke. The Power of the Sentence (short story), р. 70-77
  8. William Walling. The Unsigned (short story), р. 78-92
  9. Michael Bishop. Darktree, Darktide (short story), р. 94-100
  10. Isaac Asimov. The Plane Truth (essay), р. 101-110
  11. Dean Koontz. Bruno (short story), р. 111-128

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