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New York: St. Martin's Griffin, 2002 г.

ISBN: 0-312-27562-5, 978-0-312-27562-4

Тип обложки: мягкая

Страниц: 320


Stories about Alaska.


  1. Denise Little. Preface (статья), p. ix
  2. Spike Walker. Introduction (статья), p. x
  3. Living on the Edge
    1. Spike Walker. Too Little, Too Late. Excerpt from Nights of Ice (рассказ), p. 3
    2. Larry Kaniut. Lost and Adrift. Excerpt from Danger Stalks the Land (отрывок), p. 20
    3. Lew Freedman. Excerpt from Dangerous Steps (отрывок), p. 28
  4. The Iditarod
    1. Gary Paulsen. Excerpt from Winterdance (отрывок), p. 45
    2. Lew Freedman. Excerpt from Iditarod Classics. Interviews with Libby Riddles, Rick Swenson, and Susan Butcher (отрывок), p. 54
    3. Ann Mariah Cook. Excerpt from Running North (отрывок), p. 66
  5. The Great Explorers
    1. Georg Steller. Excerpt from Bering's Voyages (документальное произведение), p. 75
    2. Washington Irving. Excerpt from Astoria, or, Anecdotes Of an Enterprise Beyond the Rocky Mountains (отрывок), p. 87
    3. Yukon and Mackenzie Exploration. Excerpt from The Dominion Illustrated (статья), 1890, p. 91
    4. John Muir. The Discovery of Glacier Bay (отрывок), p. 95
  6. Gold Rush
    1. Richard Mathews. 1898 (отрывок), p. 112
    2. Jack London. Gold Hunters of the North (статья), p. 122
    3. George R. Adams. Article from The Dyea Trail, January 19, 1898 (статья), p. 134
    4. Dan Snure. Klondike Outfit List (статья), p. 137
    5. Getting There: How To Go. Article from the April 1, 1898, issue of The Klondike News (статья), p. 140
    6. The Dog Nuisance. Article from The Dawson Daily News, May 23, 1900 (статья), p. 146
    7. Jack London. To Build a Fire (рассказ), p. 147
  7. Natural Wonders
    1. Roger A. Caras. Excerpt from Monarch of Deadman Bay (отрывок), p. 165
    2. John Muir. Alexander Archipelago and the Home I Found in Alaska (отрывок), p. 178
  8. Black Gold
    1. Dave Brown and Paula Crane. Excerpt from Who Killed Alaska (отрывок), p. 193
    2. Bruce Woods. Far Trek (эссе), p. 205
    3. T. A. Badger. An Arco Epitaph (эссе), p. 208
  9. Modern Adventurers
    1. Dana Stabenow. Males for Sale: Cheap, Hairy (эссе), p. 217
    2. Jean Aspen. Excerpt from Arctic Son (отрывок), p. 221
    3. Cora Holmes. Excerpt from Goodbye, Boise... Hello, Alaska (отрывок), p. 256
  10. Alaskan Voices
    1. Excerpt from Edgar Kallands. Kaltag (эссе), p. 273
    2. Excerpt from Simeon Mountain. Nulato (эссе), p. 279
    3. Excerpt from Goodwin Semaken. Kaltag (эссе), p. 284
    4. Galena. Excerpt from Josephine Roberts. Tanana (эссе), p. 291
  11. Don't Laugh... It's Not Funny!
    1. Jack London. Housekeeping in the Klondike (статья), p. 297
    2. Bruce Woods. Still a Few Bugs in the System (эссе), p. 303

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