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Отправлено 19 июня 2018 г. 21:23
Hi there! It seems the topic is almost abandoned, but maybe there'll be someone alive out there. :)

I've been reading books in English since 2014, but my "rate" of reading is quite varying because of certain reasons. Two novels in 2014 and three ones in 2015 were followed by one each year after that. Regarding shorter fiiction, there was a "surge" in reading novelettes and short stories in 2016 and 2017, so it compensated, to certain degree, the lack of reading novels. The only I can say is that the entire current amount of books being read in English fairly doesn't satisfy my needs...

I know that I haven't read many books and short fiction stories in English by now, so there are many to follow. But, as one can notice, I try to write the reviews on what I've read in the original, paying special attention to the quality of Russian translation(s). I think they may be considered as, sort of, advices for future readers which translation (if any) they should prefer.

P.S. It's too damn hard to accept that some books/stories you liked a lot in English may never be translated into Russian. Not that it's a problem to negotiate with authors and their agents — they are very friendly most of time, — but it's enormously difficult to find a Russian publisher for these stories...
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