Работы художника Х Венске

Художник — Хельмут Венске

Х. Венске
Страна: Германия
Родился: 27 марта 1940 г.

Хельмут Венске (Helmut Wenske)

Helmut Wenske (b. 1940) is a German artist, known for his psychedelic themes. He started his career as a painter of ceramics. In the 1960s, he worked as a window dresser, dance bars, and rock clubs, and also did illustrations for porn books. In the 1970s he did a number of record covers. Since the 1980s he has written numerous books on rock and roll and also also worked as a promoter of rock concerts. His autobiographical book are written under the name Chris Hyde. Artist photo: Dieter Augusin.

The record covers or concert pro-motion posters were done for such international groups as Orange Peel, Steel Mill, Harvey Mandel, Pell Mell (Marburg), Nektar ( A Tab in the Ocean ), and Bacillus Selection, Ike & Tina Turner, Canned Heat and others.

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Die zweite Invasion auf der Erde
1973 г.

Montag beginnt am Samstag
1974 г.

Night Chills
1975 г.
Harvest of Fear
1975 г.

Science-fiction allemande - Etrangers à Utopolis
1980 г.

Nyctalops, #19 April 1991
1991 г.

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