Roger Zelazny Nine Princes ...

Roger Zelazny «Nine Princes in Amber»

Nine Princes in Amber

Язык издания: английский

Boston: Gregg Press, 1979 г. (март)

Серия: The Gregg Press Science Fiction Series

ISBN: 0-8398-2427-0, 978-0-8398-2427-5

Тип обложки: твёрдая + суперобложка

Страниц: 188


Cover and interior artwork by Freff.


  1. Roger Zelazny. Nine Princes in Amber (роман)


Black buckram with silver titles.

No printed price. Price from Gregg Press catalog.

Photographic reprint of the 1970 Doubleday first edition.

Includes 4 leaves of plates with artwork by Freff.

LCCN: 78-23739 on copyright page

Freff signed cover and interior artwork «Freff 24/2 1978». Credited with interior art on copyright page.

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