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«On Writing Science Fiction: The Editors Strike Back»


On Writing Science Fiction: The Editors Strike Back

Язык издания: английский

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Rockville (MD): Wildside Press, 1999 г.

ISBN: 1-880448-79-3

Тип обложки: твёрдая

Страниц: 228


  1. Isaac Asimov. What Writers Go Through (статья)
  2. I. On Being a Writer
  3. II. Stories: Through the Valley of the Shadow
  4. III. Ideas: the Game of If
  5. Robert Lee Hawkins. A Simple Outside Job (рассказ)
  6. Anne Lear. The Adventure of the Global Traveler (рассказ)
  7. IV. Conflict: Winding the Mainspring
  8. Lee Chisholm. Someone Else's House (рассказ)
  9. V. Character: Human Problems, Human Solutions
  10. Paula Smith. African Blues (рассказ)
  11. Sally A. Sellers. Perchance to Dream (рассказ)
  12. VI. Plot: the Shape of the Story
  13. K. W. MacAnn. Scrap from the Notebooks of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (микрорассказ)
  14. Francis E. Izzo. Tank (рассказ)
  15. VII. Background: Sets, Props, and Sound Effects
  16. Barry B. Longyear. The Tryouts (рассказ)
  17. VIII. Science: the Art of Knowing
  18. S. N. Dyer. Born Again (рассказ)
  19. IX. Tragedy and Futility: Was Macbeth Framed?
  20. Steve Perry. Heal the Sick, Raise the Dead (рассказ)
  21. X. Humor: Getting the Joke
  22. Cam Thornley. They'll Do It Every Time (рассказ)
  23. G. Richard Bozarth. Bat Durston, Space Marshal (рассказ)
  24. XI. Summing Up: Laws Not Wisely Broken
  25. Appendix A: Manuscript Format
  26. Appendix B: The Rules

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