Whispers 17 18 August 1982

«Whispers #17-18, August 1982»


Whispers #17-18, August 1982

Язык издания: английский

1982 г. (август)

Тираж: 3500 экз.

Страниц: 180


Cover art by John Stewart.

Special Stephen King Issue.


  1. Editorial
  2. News
  3. Stephen King. On The Shining and Other Perpetrations (статья)
  4. Stephen King. Before the Play (отрывок) unpublished prologue to The Shining
  5. David J. Schow. Return of the Curse of the Son of mr. King: Book Two (эссе)
  6. Stephen King. It Grows on You (рассказ)
  7. Steve Rasnic Tem. Preparations for the Game (рассказ)
  8. Juleen Brantingham. Lovey's Rival (рассказ)
  9. Rob Chilson. In Quest of Something (рассказ)
  10. Stuart David Schiff. Books
    Honeymoon in Hell by Fredric Brown
    Blade Runner by Philip K. Dick
    Castaways in Time by Robert Adams
    Ghosts by Marvin Kaye
    Trouble with Lichen by John Wyndham
    As It Is Written by Clark Ashton Smith
    Roderick by John Sladek
    The Cross of Fire by Barry N. Malzberg
    Worlds by Joe Haldeman
    The New King by M. P. Shiel
  11. Ellen Kushner. Red Cloak (рассказ)
  12. Lisa Tuttle. The Other Room (рассказ)
  13. Richard A. Lupoff. Mort in Bed (рассказ)
  14. David Campton. A Posthumous Bequest (рассказ)
  15. Janet Morris. An End to Dreaming (рассказ)
  16. David Drake. The Dancer in the Flames (рассказ)
  17. Freff. A Night on the Docks (рассказ)

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