If March 1960

«If, March 1960»


If, March 1960

Язык издания: английский

1960 г.

Формат: 76x92/32 (110x180 мм)

Страниц: 130


Cover art by J. Gaughan.

Interior art by W. Wood, G. Morrow, D. Francis, Harrison.


  1. Clifford Simak. Gleaners (short novel, иллюстрации У. Вуда), р. 6-40
  2. Raymond E. Banks. To Be Continued (short story), р. 41-54
  3. Bob Farnham. Old Shag (short story), р. 55-56
  4. Jim Harmon. The Upside-Down Captain (novelette), р. 58-74
  5. R. W. Major. Monument (short story), р. 76-79
  6. Ray Russell. His Father's House (short story), р. 80-89
  7. Ron Goulart. Ignatz (short story), р. 90-102
  8. Frederik Pohl. Worlds of If (book reviews), р. 103-108
  9. Daniel F. Galouye. Gravy Train (novelette, иллюстрации У. Вуда), р. 110-130


Художники и иллюстрации в журнале не сопоставлены.

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