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«Uncanny Magazine, Issue Twelve. September-October 2016»

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Uncanny Magazine, Issue Twelve. September-October 2016

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Язык издания: английский

2016 г. (сентябрь)


Issue 12.

Cover art by Kirbi Fagan.


  1. About Our Cover Artist: Kirbi Fagan
  2. Lynne M. Thomas, Michael Damian Thomas. The Uncanny Valley (статья)
  3. Carmen Maria Machado. My Body, Herself (рассказ)
  4. Tim Pratt. Not a Miracle But a Marvel (рассказ)
  5. Sarah Pinsker. Under One Roof (рассказ)
  6. E. Lily Yu. The Witch of Orion Waste and the Boy Knight (рассказ)
  7. Ferrett Steinmetz. Rooms Formed of Neurons and Sex (рассказ)
  8. Sofia Samatar. Ogres of East Africa (рассказ)
  9. Mary Anne Mohanraj. This Is Our Work: What Star Trek Asks of Us (статья)
  10. Una McCormack. All True, Especially the Lies—or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Cardassia (статья)
  11. Aidan Moher. Blood Matters: Growing Up in a SF/F House (статья)
  12. Dominik Parisien. Growing Up in Wonderland (статья)
  13. S. Qiouyi Lu. 肉骨茶 (Meat Bone Tea) (стихотворение)
  14. Ada Hoffmann. Million-Year Elegies: Tyrannosaurus (стихотворение)
  15. Sonya Taaffe. The Ghost Marriage (стихотворение)
  16. Carmen Maria Machado, Deborah Stanish. Interview: Carmen Maria Machado (интервью)
  17. Sarah Pinsker, Deborah Stanish. Interview: Sarah Pinsker (интервью)

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