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«Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact, April 1974»


Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact, April 1974

Язык издания: английский

1974 г. (апрель)

Страниц: 180


Editor: Ben Bova.

Cover art by J. Schoenherr.


  1. Mental Energy Crisis (editorial)
  2. Brenda Pearce. Hot Spot (рассказ)
  3. The Analytical Laboratory
  4. Larry Niven. A Kind of Murder (рассказ)
  5. In Times to Come (next issue)
  6. Louis Lenhard. Extraterrestrial Organic Matter (статья) (Science Fact)
  7. Do You Know Your Chemistry Terms? (test for readers)
  8. Spider Robinson. The Time-Traveler (рассказ)
  9. William Walling , Stephen Nemeth. Earth, Air, Fire and Water (роман) (part 3/3)
  10. Charles Eric Maine. Scholarly Correspondence (рассказ)
  11. The Reference Library (reviews) //by P. Schuyler Miller
    1. The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction: 20th Series by Edward L. Ferman
    2. The Moon Children by Jack Williamson
    3. Nova 3 by Harry Harrison
  12. Brass Tacks (letters)

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