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Издательство «August House» [August House Publishers]

3500 Piedmont Rd NE # 310, Atlanta, GA 30305, США

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Внесерийные издания

Nightmares in Dixie

1987 год

Описание: Horror tales from the American South.
Cover art is uncredited.

Pirate Ghosts of the American Coast

1988 год

Описание: Tales of the super-natural at sea.
Cover art is uncredited.

Civil War Ghosts

1991 год

Описание: Ghost stories of Civil war.
Cover art by Kitty Harvill.

Mississippi River Tales

1988 год

Описание: Stories about the Mississippi.
Cover art by Jan Weeks.

Civil War Women II

1997 год

Описание: A collection of stories by women offers a look at life as a woman during the Civil War.
Cover art is not credited.

Confederate Battle Stories

1992 год

Описание: The Civil war stories.
Cover art is not credited.

Civil War Women

1988 год

Описание: Stories deal with the experiences of women during the Civil War.
Cover art is not credited.
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