Переводы Томаса Хойзингтона

Томас Хойзингтон (Thomas Hoisington)

Томас Хойзингтон
Страна:  США
Переводчик c: русского, польского
Переводчик на: английский


Thomas H. Hoisington

495 East Center Street

West Bridgewater, Massachusetts 02379



1971 Yale University, Ph.D. in Slavic Languages and Literatures (major, Russian; minor, Polish)

Dissertation: “The Early Prose Works of Pavel Ivanovič Mel’nikov-Pečerskij”

1963 Duke University, graduate study in history and Russian

1962 Bowdoin College, A.B. cum laude


2000-2009 Harvard University: contractual administrative and editorial worker for Board of Overseers,

Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and Ukrainian Research Institute

1998-2000 University of Illinois at Chicago: Visiting Lecturer (part-time), Department of Slavic and Baltic

Languages and Literatures

1991-1998 University of Illinois at Chicago: Resource and Policy Analyst, Affirmative Action Programs

1991-1992 Northwestern University: Assistant Professor of Russian Literature (part-time)

1989-1991 University of Illinois at Chicago: Senior Research Specialist in Public Health/White House

Conference on Aging Planning Project

1986-1989 University of Illinois at Chicago: Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Health Services

1984-1986 University of Illinois, Central Administration: Coordinator of Academic-Professional Personnel

1979-1984 University of Illinois at Chicago: Assistant Chancellor & Director/Staff Associate/Staff Assistant

in Affirmative Action

1976-1979 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Assistant Professor of Slavic Languages &


1974-1976 Emory University: Instructor (part-time); Georgia Institute of Technology: adjunct faculty

1971-1974 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: Assistant Professor of Slavic LanguagesThomas H. Hoisington 2

1969-1971 Yale University: Assistant to the Dean of the Graduate School

Работы Томаса Хойзингтона


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