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Роберт Нельсон «Under the Tomb»

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Under the Tomb

Стихотворение, год


Dread beings grope and sport in gory lakes,

A foul mist creeps and feeds on swollen slugs:

From beds of perfumed plants squirm fetid snakes,

And like a flower grown from sable drugs,

A moon of steel drips blood upon a sky

Darkened by what mad phantoms prophesy.

By this hath ceased and passed, and now in that

Mephitic, crumbling woodland 'neath the tomb

The dead sup with the dead o'er flowing vat,

And searing candles cleanse the rotting gloom;

And they who stood in sorrow's joy and pain,

Tread now through hell's ecstatical refrain.

Far still beneath, where bloated babes are kept

In glacial rooms, and skulls are lit as lamps

To guide through life beyond, and where are swept

Green veils of oozing slime and deadly damps,

There is an everlasting resonance

Pealed by the tomb in glad deliverance.

Входит в:

— журнал «Weird Tales, May 1935», 1935 г.

— антологию «Far Below and Other Horrors», 1974 г.


«Weird Tales» May 1935
1935 г.

Издания на иностранных языках:

Far Below and Other Horrors
1974 г.
Far Below and Other Horrors
2003 г.


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