Weird Tales Summer 1991

««Weird Tales» Summer 1991»


«Weird Tales» Summer 1991

Язык издания: английский

1991 г.


    Book Reviews by John Gregory Betancourt:
  1. The Cipher by Kathe Koja
  2. Losers' Night by Poul Anderson
  3. A Case of Painter's Ear by John Brunner
  4. Xolotl by Robert Sheckley
  5. All the Clocks are Melting by Bruce Boston
  6. Blossoms by Kim Antieau
  7. Ecce Hominid by Esther M. Friesner
  8. A Case of Mistaken Identity by L. Timmel Duchamp
  9. The Cutter by Edward Bryant
  10. Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper by Robert Bloch
  11. The Girl Who Fell Into the Sky by Kate Wilhelm
  12. The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris
  13. Ramsey Campbell. The Same In Any Language (рассказ)
  14. Ramsey Campbell. Bait (рассказ)
  15. Charles D. Eckert. Daddy's Girl (рассказ)
  16. Robert Bloch. The Bedposts of Life (рассказ)
  17. John R. Little. Growing Up (рассказ)
  18. Andrew Seawell. Something for Amy (рассказ)
  19. Ramsey Campbell. The Change (рассказ)
  20. Bruce Bethke. The Final Death of the Comeback King (микрорассказ)
  21. Stephen King. It Grows on You (рассказ)
  22. Darrell Schweitzer, Jason van Hollander. The Cloth Gods of Zhamiir (рассказ)
  23. Ramsey Campbell. A Street was Chosen (рассказ)
  24. Juleen Brantingham. Patterns (рассказ)
  25. James Irving Ross. Lunch with Mother (рассказ)
  26. Keith Taylor. Spears of the Sea-Wolves (рассказ)
  27. Ruth Berman. Griffin Gold (стихотворение)
  28. David R. Bunch. Keep Me Informed (стихотворение)
  29. F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre. Improbable Bestiary: The Blob (стихотворение)
  30. Richard L. Tierney. The House on the Cliff (стихотворение)
  31. Lynne Armstrong-Jones. Friday Night! (стихотворение)
  32. Bruce Boston. A Gourmand of the Mutant Rain Forest (стихотворение)
  33. Weird Tales Talks with Ramsey Campbell (интервью)
  34. H. P. Lovecraft. The Call of Cthulhu (рассказ) (фрагмент)

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