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«The Arkham Sampler, Summer 1948»


The Arkham Sampler, Summer 1948

Язык издания: английский

1948 г.


Cover art by Ronald Clyne.


  1. H. Russell Wakefield. A Kink in Space-Time (рассказ)
  2. Geraldine Wolf. Night in the City (стихотворение)
  3. A. Reynolds Morse. The Novels of M. P. Shiel (статья)
  4. Clark Ashton Smith. No Stranger Dream (стихотворение)
  5. H. P. Lovecraft, C. M. Eddy Jr.. The Loved Dead (рассказ)
  6. Clark Ashton Smith. On the Mount of Stone (стихотворение)
  7. Samuel Loveman. Howard Phillips Lovecraft (статья)
  8. H. P. Lovecraft. A Letter to E. Hoffmann Price (произведение (прочее))
  9. Leah Bodine Drake. Old Wives' Tale (стихотворение)
  10. Norman Markham. Strangers from Hesperus (рассказ)
  11. Robert Hunt. Further West Country Legends (статья)
  12. H. P. Lovecraft. The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath (повесть)
  13. John Haley. Dr. Keller's Stories (статья)
  14. John Haley. Life Everlasting and Other Tales of Science, Fantasy and Horror (рецензия)
  15. August Derleth. Wit and Satire (статья)
  16. August Derleth. The Prevalence of Witches by Aubrey Menen (рецензия)
  17. Studies in Murder
  18. August Derleth. Murder: Plain and Fanciful by James Sandoe (рецензия)
  19. August Derleth. The Murder of Maria Marten by J. Curtis and Jeanne Mackenzie and Norman Mackenzie (рецензия)
  20. Leah Bodine Drake. Gremlins (эссе)
  21. Leah Bodine Drake. Sometime Never by Roald Dahl (рецензия)
  22. Short Notices
  23. Anonymous Author. Ghosts Along the Mississippi by Clarence John Laughlin (рецензия)
  24. Anonymous Author. The Collected Tales of A. E. Coppard (рецензия)
  25. Anonymous Author. Strange Prehistoric Animals and Their Stories by A. Hyatt Verrill (рецензия)
  26. Anonymous Author. Del Palma by Pamela Kellino (рецензия)
  27. Anonymous Author. The Black Flame by Stanley G. Weinbaum (рецензия)
  28. Anonymous Author. Sac Prarie People by August Derleth (рецензия)
  29. Anonymous Author. The Bowl of Night by Edward Liston (рецензия)
  30. Editorial Commentary

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