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Robert M. Price «Astro-Adventures №2, August 1987»


Astro-Adventures №2, August 1987

Язык издания: английский

Mount Olive: Cryptic Publications, 1987 г.

Тираж: не указан

Страниц: 44


Front cover art by S. Fabian; back cover art by D. Doolin; interior art by S. Fabian (not specified).


  1. Captain Astro. The Control Room (editorial, art by S. Fabian), p. 2
  2. Lin Carter. Corsairs of the Cosmos (short story) pp. 3-13
  3. Richard L. Tierney. The Other Place (short story), pp. 14-26
  4. Henry Kuttner. The Eyes of Thar (short story), pp. 27-37, 26 (continued from p. 37)
  5. Charles Garofalo, Robert M. Price. Rescue Mission 2030 A. D. (vignette), pp. 38-40
  6. Will Murray. Captain Future vs. the Old Ones (article), pp. 41-43, 13 (continued from p. 43)
  7. Ethergrams (reader's letters), p. 44
    1. Charles Garofalo. [letter]
    2. Don Webb. [letter]
    3. Alex Bardy. [letter from London]


    Format: octavo (not specified).

    Информация об издании предоставлена: dare-devil

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