If October 1965

«If, October 1965»


If, October 1965

Язык издания: английский

1965 г.

Формат: 76x92/32 (110x180 мм)

Страниц: 162


Cover art by J. Gaughan.

Interior art by J. Gaughan, G. Morrow, J. Giunta.


  1. The Editor. Where Are They Now? (essay), р. 4
  2. Keith Laumer. Retief's War (serial beginning, иллюстрации Д. Гоэна), р. 6-46
  3. Mack Reynolds. A Leader for Yesteryear (short story), р. 47-57
  4. Miriam Allen de Ford. The Smiling Future (short story), р. 58-66
  5. Robert F. Young. Origin of Species (novelette, иллюстрации Г. Морро), р. 67-88
  6. Edward V. Dong. Purpose (short story), р. 89-91
  7. Gordon R. Dickson. An Ounce of Emotion (novelette, иллюстрации Дж. Гиунты), р. 92-111
  8. Robert Moore Williams. Short Trip to Nowhere (short story), р. 112-121
  9. Edward E. Smith, Ph.D. Skylark DuQuesne (serial conclusion, иллюстрации Г. Морро), р. 122-159
  10. The Editor. Hue and Cry (essay), р. 160-162

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