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«Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact, May 1967»


Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact, May 1967

Язык издания: английский

1967 г.

Формат: другой

Страниц: 180


Cover art by Kelly Freas.


  1. John W. Campbell. The Safest Form of Transportation (article), р. 5-7, 172-178
  2. Richard Grey Sipes. Of Terrans Bearing Gifts (novelette, иллюстрации К. Фриса), р. 8-48
  3. Christopher Anvil. Experts In the Field (short story, иллюстрации К. Фриса), р. 49-66
  4. Bob Shaw. Burden of Proof (short story, иллюстрации К. Фриса), р. 67-79
  5. Lawrence A. Perkins. Target: Language (article), р. 81-95
  6. Mike Hodous. Dead End (short story, иллюстрации К. Фриса), р. 96-105
  7. The Editor. In Times to Come (editorial), р. 105
  8. Harry Harrison. The Time-Machined Saga (serial conclusion, иллюстрации Д. Шоенэрра), р. 106-156
  9. The Editor. The Analytical Laboratory (editorial), р. 156
  10. P. Schuyler Miller. The Reference Library: Lark Song (books review), р. 157-164
  11. Brass Tacks, р. 165-171


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