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«Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, September 28, 1981»

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Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, September 28, 1981

Язык издания: английский

1981 г. (сентябрь)

Страниц: 180


Vol. 5, No. 10.

Editor: George H. Scithers.

Cover art by George Angelini.


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    2. Bill Nilsen. "Dear Editors, it is a little late to be commenting..." (письмо), p. 169
    3. Robert Robillard. "Dear Mr. Scithers and Dr. Asimov, I am writing to praise your new cover design..." (письмо), p. 169-170
    4. Rae Lafay Cottle. "Gentleperson: Hallelujah and a round dozen Huzzas!!" (письмо), p. 170
    5. Roger F. Krueger. "Dear Mr. Scithers, I would like to compliment you..." (письмо), p. 171
    6. Ralph D. Bell. "Dear Mr. Scithers, I do not intend to renew my subscription..." (письмо), p. 171
    7. Debbie O'Neal. "Dear Sirs and Shawna, I have just finished devouring the May issue..." (письмо), p. 172
    8. Su Falcon. "Dear Folks, while I must admit that..." (письмо), p. 173
  23. Next Issue, p. 173

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