The Armchair Science Reader

«The Armchair Science Reader»

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The Armchair Science Reader

первое издание

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New York: Simon & Schuster, 1959 г.

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Страниц: 854


  1. Sophie Sorkin, Isabel S. Gordon. Foreword (статья), p. vii
  2. 1. Science Sparks the Imagination
    1. Man Among the Stars
      1. Howard Koch. The War of the Worlds (пьеса), p. 3
      2. C. S. Lewis. Flight to Malacandra (отрывок), p. 23
      3. Lord Dunsany. Our Distant Cousins (рассказ), p. 31
    2. Man Upon the Seas
      1. Jules Verne. The Nautilus Reaches the Pole (отрывок), p. 52
      2. Edgar Allan Poe. A Descent into the Maelstrom (рассказ), p. 63
    3. Man and His Earth
      1. John Leimert. John Thomas's Cube (рассказ), p. 78
      2. Wilmar H. Shiras. In Hiding (рассказ), p. 86
      3. Bernard Shaw. Creative Evolution (отрывок), p. 117
      4. Jesse Stuart. Split Cherry Tree (рассказ), p. 123
      5. Nigel Balchin. Cabinet Decision (рассказ), p. 134
      6. Bertrand Russell. Dr. Southport Vulpes's Nightmare (рассказ), p. 142
      7. Walter Van Tilburg Clark. The Portable Phonograph (рассказ), p. 147
      8. Stephen Vincent Benet. By the Waters of Babylon (рассказ), p. 153
  3. 2. Eureka!
    1. Some General Observations
      1. Harlow Shapley. On Sharing the Conquest o Science (статья), p. 167
      2. Waldemar Kaempffert. Science and the Imagination (статья), p. 170
      3. Hans Zinsser. From First Step to Last (статья), p. 172
    2. Founders and Finders
      1. Two Eurekas
        1. Harsányi Zsolt. The Golden Crown: Archimedes (произведение (прочее)), p. 173
        2. Harsányi Zsolt. Swing of a Pendulum: Galileo (произведение (прочее)), p. 174
      2. A Boy Playing: Isaac Newton
        1. Humprhey Newton. In The Elaboratory, p. 177
        2. Loius Trenchard More. An Apple Falls, p. 182
      3. Through The Microscope
        1. Antoni van Leeuwenhoek. On Certain Animalcules (эссе), p. 185
        2. Antoni van Leeuwenhoek. Even a Ladys' Teeth (эссе), p. 188
      4. Lighitng Strikes
        1. Carl Van Doren. Mr. Franklin: Philadelphia Prometheus (эссе), p. 189
      5. A Candle Burns
        1. Joseph Priestley. The Discovery of Oxygen (эссе), p. 194
      6. In Transit
        1. Charles Darwin. In Carriage (отрывок), p. 196
        2. Friedrich Kekulé. On a Bus (эссе), p. 197
      7. "Change Favors the Prepared Mind..."
        1. René Vallery-Radot. Chickens, Dogs ... Abnd a Child's Life Is Saved (эссе), p. 198
    3. Team Workers
      1. The Air Age Begins
        1. John Dos Passos. The Campers at Kitty Hawk (рассказ), p. 209
      2. Human Grandeur
        1. Albert Einstein. Portrait of Madame Curie (эссе), p. 214
        2. Ève Curie. The Discovery of Radium (эссе), p. 214
      3. Controlled Nuclear Reaction
        1. Arthur H. Compton. Landing in th New World (эссе), p. 225
      4. "The Laws of Physics are The Decrees of Fate"
        1. Philipp Frank. The Great Theory Tested (эссе), p. 230
        2. Alfred North Whitehead. The Order of Nature (эссе), p. 234
        3. Albert Einstein. Self-Portrait (эссе), p. 235
        4. Morris Bishop. E=mc² (стихотворение), p. 236
  4. 3. Monuments of Method
    1. The Man of Science
      1. Stephen Vincent Benet. The Blood of the Martyrs (рассказ), p. 239
      2. Sinclair Lewis. Portrait of Scientist (статья), p. 254
      3. Thomas Henry Huxley. A Letter to Charles Kingsley (письмо), p. 258
      4. Albert Einstein. The Life of Solitude (эссе), p. 261
      5. Carl Sandburg. «In Silent Room» (стихотворение), p. 262
    2. The Many Methods of Science
      1. Thomas Henry Huxley. We Are All Scientists (эссе), p. 263
      2. Clarence R. Wylie Jr. Paradox (эссе), p. 270
    3. The Unique Achievment of Greece
      1. Herbert J. Muller. The Unique Achievment of Greece (эссе), p. 270
      2. Hippocrates. The Sacred Disease, p. 273
      3. Hippocrates. Case History No. XV, p. 274
      4. Alfred Noyes. The Traning of Aristotle (отрывок), p. 275
      5. Aristotle. "Here. Too, Are Gods", p. 277
      6. Hippocratic Collection. "See for Yourself", p. 278
      7. Aristotle. Eels and Embryo Chicks, p. 279
      8. Lucretius. The Store of Matter, p. 281
      9. Galen. The Study of Anatomy, p. 283
    4. The Weight of Reason: The Art of Experiment
      1. Roger Bacon. Peter Peregrine as Experimentalist, p. 286
      2. Peter Peregrine. Experimentimg with Magnets, p. 287
      3. Roger Bacon. A Plea for Experimentation, p. 288
      4. Roger Bacon. Natural Marvels - No Magic, p. 290
      5. Thomas Sprat. 'We Are Beholden to Experiments...", p. 293
    5. What Language for Science?
      1. Geoffrey Chaucer. English for the English (произведение (прочее)), p. 294
      2. Francis Bacon. Words and Matter (отрывок), p. 295
      3. Francis Bacon. Marriage of the Faculties (отрывок), p. 297
    6. Mathematics and The Laws on Nature
      1. Hermann Weyl. Mathematics and The Laws of Nature (эссе), p. 300
      2. Galileo Galilei. «Bring Arguments and Proofs» (отрывок), p. 304
      3. Isaac Newton. A New Theory About Light and Colors (статья), p. 307
      4. Isaac Newton. Rules of Reasoning in Philosophy (эссе), p. 316
      5. Isaac Newton. «I Frame No Hypotheses» (отрывок), p. 318
    7. No Holds Barred
      1. Percy W. Bridgman. No Holds Barred (эссе), p. 319
      2. Carl Van Doren. Benjamin Franklin: Electrician (эссе), p. 319
      3. Benjamin Thompson. Incidental Discovery: What Is Heat (эссе), p. 325
      4. James Bryant Conant. Accidental Discovery: Galvani and Volta (эссе), p. 327
      5. Paul de Kruif. The Blunderbuss Method (эссе), p. 332
      6. René Jules Dubos. Mechanisms of Discovery (эссе), p. 333
      7. Irving Langmuir. Planning Unlanned Research (эссе), p. 336
    8. New Pathways
      1. Sidney Howard. Yellow Jack (пьеса), p. 338
      2. Robert M. Yerkes. Chimpanzees as Servants of Science (эссе), p. 372
      3. James Hillier. The Story of Electron Microscope (эссе), p. 376
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      5. Jacob Bronowski. The Idea of Chance in Science (эссе), p. 382
      6. Sir Arthur Eddington. Parable of the Fishing Net (эссе), p. 387
      7. Sir Arthur Eddington. Epilogue: New Pathways in Science (эссе), p. 388
  5. 4. Literary Naturalists
    1. The Wonder of The World
      1. Sir Arthur Thomson, Patrick Geddes. The Wonder of The World (эссе), p. 397
      2. Henry David Thoreau. Brute Neighbors (рассказ), p. 400
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      10. Richard E. Byrd. Polar Night (эссе), p. 462
      11. Lloyd Motz. A Jaunt to the Limits of the Universe (эссе), p. 470
    2. «The Proper Study of Mankind...»
      1. Charles Darwin. The People of Tierra Fuego (отрывок), p. 478
      2. Ruth Benedict. Patterns of Culture: The Dance (отрывок), p. 485
      3. J. B. S. Haldane. On Being the Right Size (эссе), p. 490
      4. Lawrence S. Kubie. The Neurosis Wear a Mask (отрывок), p. 495
      5. Elwyn B. White. The Door (рассказ), p. 503
      6. Joseph Wood Krutch. The Colloid and the Crystal (эссе), p. 507
    3. The Mind Reels!
      1. Stephen Butler Leacock. Common Sense and the Universe (эссе), p. 515
      2. Jack Goodman, Alan Green. How to Understand the Wonders of Science (произведение (прочее)), p. 520
      3. Ogden Nash. Lines in Dispraise of Dispraise (статья), p. 527
  6. 5. The Gift of Prometheus
    1. The Work of His Hands...
      1. The Book of Job. "Where Wast Thou When I Laid the Foundations of the Earth?", p. 531
      2. Aeschilus. "All Arts of Mortals from Prometheus Spring", p. 537
      3. Lucretius. "All Things Flow", p. 539
    2. Science: Promethean of Mephistophelean
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      8. Science Adored. Science Mocked
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        3. Alexander Pope. «The Proper Study of Mankind...» (отрывок), p. 568
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    3. Two Ways of Seeing
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      5. Seeing Into The Life of Things
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      6. Shelley: "A Newton Among Poets"
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        4. Percy Bysshe Shelley. The Dance of Mind: New Reading of Ancient Myth (стихотворение), p. 591
    4. Faith and Unfaith: Advancing Science Challenges Estabilished Creed
      1. "Clash by Night"
        1. Matthew Arnold. Dover Beach (стихотворение), p. 597
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        3. Arthur Hugh Clough. With Whim Is No Variableness (стихотворение), p. 599
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      2. "Thruths That Never Can Be Proved"
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      3. "Unalterable Law"
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    5. "Our Place Among the Infinities"
      1. Robert Louis Stevenson. Pulvis et Umbra (эссе), p. 613
      2. Bertrand Russell. Man's Fate (эссе), p. 618
      3. Voices of Prophecy
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  7. 6. The World We Make
    1. Julian Huxley. Evolution: At the Mind's Cinema (статья), p. 633
    2. Dreams and Promies
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    3. Dream and Disillusion
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      2. Alfred, Lord Tennyson. «Cosmos, Chaos!..» (стихотворение), p. 657
    4. Knowledge Comes...
      1. Albert Einstein. Science and Society (эссе), p. 663
      2. The Practical Gifts of Science
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      3. The Abolition of Slavery
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      4. The Cry of The Land
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        2. Fairfield Osborn. The Plundered Planet (произведение (прочее)), p. 722
      5. ...But Wisdom Lingers
        1. The Atom
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        2. The Battle for Men's Minds
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          2. E. M. Forster. The Machine Stops (повесть), p. 763
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        3. Looking Forward
          1. Laurence A. Hawkins. The Limitation of Science (статья), p. 804
          2. I. Bernard Cohen. How to Get the Most Out of Science (статья), p. 807
          3. David E. Lilienthal. Toward a Greater America (статья), p. 817
      6. I. I. Rabi. Faith in Science (эссе), p. 826


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