Издательство Neville Spearman

Издательство «Neville Spearman»


Годы существования: 1955 – 1985


Neville Spearman as a publisher was founded in 1955 by Neville Armstrong (1914-2008), who ran the firm until 1985, when he sold it. Neville Spearman published between five and six hundred books, many of which were very eclectic in subject matter.


Всего изданий:

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Внесерийные издания

Buried Passions: Maria Marten and the Red Barn Murder

1980 год

Описание: Cover by by Danny Levy

The Fiery Angel, A Romance of the Sixteenth Century

1975 год

Описание: translated by Ivor Montagu and Sergei Nalbandov

Revelations in Black

1974 год

Описание: Cover Artist: Katya Koutrouboussis (photography)

Night's Black Agents

1975 год

Описание: Cover by David L. Fletcher

Weird Tales: A Fascimile Of The World's Most Famous Fantasy Magazine

1976 год

Описание: Cover art by Margaret Brundage.
Reprints of stories published 1934-1952.

The Satanists

1969 год

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