Издательство Neville Spearman

Издательство «Neville Spearman»


Годы существования: 1955 – 1985


Neville Spearman as a publisher was founded in 1955 by Neville Armstrong (1914-2008), who ran the firm until 1985, when he sold it. Neville Spearman published between five and six hundred books, many of which were very eclectic in subject matter.


Издательство прекратило своё существование.

Всего изданий:

  Фильтр: -

Внесерийные издания

Buried Passions: Maria Marten and the Red Barn Murder

1980 год

Описание: Cover art by by Danny Levy

The Fiery Angel, A Romance of the Sixteenth Century

1975 год

Описание: translated by Ivor Montagu and Sergei Nalbandov

Revelations in Black

1974 год

Описание: Cover Artist: Katya Koutrouboussis (photography)

Night's Black Agents

1975 год

Описание: Cover by David L. Fletcher

Weird Tales: A Fascimile Of The World's Most Famous Fantasy Magazine

1976 год

Описание: Cover art by Margaret Brundage.
Reprints of stories published 1934-1952.

The Satanists

1969 год

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