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Обратная локализация или маленький англоязычный раздел на SZfan.ru

Статья написана 1 апреля 2021 г. 16:15

SZfan.ru: english version
SZfan.ru: english version

Пожалуй, сегодня самый подходящий день, чтобы открыть англоязычный раздел сайта SZfan.ru.

Хотя бы просто потому, что начинается он с несколько необычных обложек. Сильно никому морочить голову не буду, объясню сразу.

Это одна из самых давних задумок, которые проходили по разряду: а интересно, получится ли. Ещё в 2016 году была у меня идея сделать несколько постов на DeviantArt'е с обложками серии fantasy и SF. Хотя бы для того, чтобы посмотреть как англоязычные, и соответственно, находящиеся в своей традиции книгоиздания и оформления пользователи и читатели, отнесутся к визуальному оформлению и иллюстрациям серий «Северо-Запада» (которые в своё время были во многом экспериментальны). Да и в перспективе хотелось сделать подобным образом и обложки книг других издательств, выпущенных в самое разное время.

Для полного погружения планировалось полностью переделать оформление. Что, я, собственно и сделал.

Ну вот как-то так всё соотносится с реальными книгами
Ну вот как-то так всё соотносится с реальными книгами

Не прошло и пяти прошло пять лет и руки наконец дошли. Получилось как-то так:

Властелин Колец
Властелин Колец

Волшебник Земноморья
Волшебник Земноморья

Дополнительно к картинкам пока что видится (и отчасти реализуется) два момента.

Первый состоит в том, что есть в фантастике пара десятков иллюстраций, которые относительно сюжета и сцен текстов произведений можно разложить по сюжетным парам, тройкам и т.д. (по самым разным причинам).

Помнится, подбирался я к этому разделу ещё со стороны сравнения иллюстраций в англоязычном книгоиздании.

Вот возьмём иллюстрации с обложки Джека Вэнса. Вот она в модифицированном виде:

Глаза чужого мира, 1992, художник Владимир Канивец
Глаза чужого мира, 1992, художник Владимир Канивец

И обложку к одному из изданий на языке оригинала:

The Eyes of the Overworld, 1977, Cover by Greg Hildebrandt and Tim Hildebrandt (as by Hildebrandt)
The Eyes of the Overworld, 1977, Cover by Greg Hildebrandt and Tim Hildebrandt (as by Hildebrandt)

Ну и сравним
Ну и сравним

У каждого такого случая своя интересная история.

Разумеется, в разделе куча ошибок перевода на английский. Зато есть с чем работать и что улучшать. А ещё там есть (и будет) то, что пока не открыто на основном сайте: сценовые и сюжетные иллюстрации. Точнее комментарии к иллюстрациям на обложке, которые очень часто были нарисованы художниками «Северо-Запада» очень близко к тексту и сюжету.

То есть это и есть второй, на который стоит обратить внимание. В материалах этого раздела на сайте SZfan.ru впервые (за исключением раздела блога «Сюжетные иллюстрации») реализован текстовой комментарий из самого текста произведения к обложкам. Так как многие рисунки на обложках серий fantasy и SF сюжетные и отражают действительные эпизоды и сцены из книг, там даны отрывки из оригинальных текстов, соответствующие иллюстрациям.

Hiero's Journey from chapter Hiero's Journey: 9. THE SEA ROVERS (between chapter titles: 9. THE SEA ROVERS and 10. THE FORESTS OF THE SOUTH)
Hiero's Journey from chapter Hiero's Journey: 9. THE SEA ROVERS (between chapter titles: 9. THE SEA ROVERS and 10. THE FORESTS OF THE SOUTH)

цитата Hiero's Journey from chapter Hiero's Journey: 9. THE SEA ROVERS (between chapter titles: 9. THE SEA ROVERS and 10. THE FORESTS OF THE SOUTH)

In a moment all was ready. The ship fell silent, save for the creak of timbers and straining cordage as her anchor line sawed the hawsehole. The two rogues who had rowed Roke and the Glith over clung to shrouds above the rail by their boat’s painter, eyes glittering with excitement. A sea bird called, far off, a faint, piercing cry.

From his place to Hiero’s right, Gimp shouted, “Go!” and marched forward. The four, two and two, one to each bulwark, advanced cautiously toward one another. This care alone would have told anyone of experience that trained warriors were meeting. There would be no headlong rushes and novice blunderings here. All four of them knew their business.

Hiero faced the Glith, and the two captains, tall and short, each other. They met on either side of the little cabin, almost exactly amidships. A vagrant gleam of sunshine momentarily pierced the racing clouds and illumined the foul creature’s axehead as it advanced, but aside from that, it was a thing of dead hues, gray-scaled skin, gray garment, and lustreless eyes. Yet it was alert, and every rippling muscle revealed power and agility. Nevertheless, it advanced slowly, very slowly. As it came cautiously on, Hiero heard the clash of metal to his left, where the other two had commenced. As any trained swordsman does, he watched fixedly his foe’s eyes for a sign of its intentions.

Those eyes! Great, somber, empty pools, seeming to have no bottom. Even as he watched, they grew larger. Larger! The Glith was no more than a few yards away, its axe poised on its shoulder, shield lowered. And all Hiero could see were the eyes, the round, lightless caverns of emptiness, which seemed to swell and grow until all else faded. Far off, he heard a woman scream. Luchare! The eyes vanished, shrunk to normal size, and the consciousness of where he was returned. Almost too late!

Reflex and training saved Hiero. The old, retired Ranger Sergeant who had first trained him had always stressed one point in the Abbey school of arms. Close in! “Look,” the old veteran had insisted, “always try to close in quick, particularly if your opponent looks better than you. There’s no monkey tricks with sword or spear at someone’s throat from two inches away, boys. Give luck and plain meanness a chance!”

Hiero felt the wind of the heavy axe as he dived under it, not trying a blow, but simply shoving with his shield’s boss at the Glith’s body. Until he was ready and again unshaken, he wanted no more of those eyes!

Hypnotism! No mind shield guarded against that! Roke, or perhaps the creature itself, had been very clever. Almost, Hiero had been lured into the axe, like a calf to the slaughter, helpless to avert the death stroke. Had not Luchare screamed, he would now be dead.

He wrestled now with the scaled thing, his shield arm holding off its axe above him, its own shield keeping his sword arm locked in turn. It gave off a mephitic foulness, and its skin seemed to radiate a chill. Its hissing breath was a charnel stench, but he kept his head lowered to avoid the eyes. God, but it was strong!

Hiero summoned all his own strength and simply shoved, at the same time springing backward. The axe fell again, but he was beyond its reach. For a second, he faced his enemy, panting slightly, watching the pointed chin and the shoulders, but never seeking the eyes. He crossed his shield over so that it hid his body and lowered his short sword so that it hung at the end of his arm. Dimly, he was conscious of the clash of arms continuing on the other side of the cabin, but he kept his attention riveted on his foe. He heard Klootz bellow hideously, knowing his master was in peril, but he paid no heed.

It advanced again, axe held high. Was it inviting a low thrust? he wondered. He had trouble breaking the habit of years and never looking at the enemy’s eyes, but somehow he managed it.

Then the Glith charged. As it came, the axe came down in a sweeping stroke and Hiero sprang back, ready to spring in again as the axe struck the deck. He had fought few axemen, and it was almost the death of him for the second time. The Glith’s powerful arms straightened and the blade of the axe swung, cutting a sideways arc with all its speed undiminished, straight at Hiero’s knees.

Hiero's Journey from chapter 12. AN END AND A BEGINNING (last chapter)
Hiero's Journey from chapter 12. AN END AND A BEGINNING (last chapter)

цитата Hiero's Journey from chapter 12. AN END AND A BEGINNING (last chapter)

Almost before he had time to realize it, a surge of filthy liquid overflowed the near edge of the buried, underground pool and sent a wave of fluid corruption racing over the floor in his direction, and the bulging, gelatinous horror of the House began to emerge out of the water. As it grew in size, it sent one bolt after another of mental force at the lone man.

It was well that Hiero had armored himself against this very time. In odd, waking moments, ever since his first encounter with the monster, he had carefully analyzed its Medusa-like power of paralysis, and he had deduced that its true strength lay in an attack on the psyche, rather than on the actual brain. The emotional centers of the body were its targets, not the reasoning process, and in the subconscious alone could it establish its unearthly stranglehold.

One remote corner of his mind registered mild surprise at the relatively modest size of the alien monstrosity. Its brownish, slimy bulk was not too much higher than his own head and scarcely more than five or six yards in total width. It still preserved the odd, four-cornered shape which had made Vilah-ree name it, but the lines moved and shook, the angles continually re-formed in peculiar abhorrent and sickening ways. Hiero saw also that it could move on its blobby base, just as the horrible candle-things did, and that it could move fast. Also now, long, glistening tendrils or pseudopods sprouted from its upper parts and waved hungrily as it slid rapidly in his direction over the floor. And all the while its ravening hatred and power beat upon his mind. His own rapport with the alien growth had become so strong that he understood why it laired so deep here and what actually he had done when he had attacked the fungoid spires. The pool was the center of not so much a garden but more (though not entirely) a harem! The seal which he had painstakingly set upon his inner being held. Even so, he prayed for strength as he backed away from the water and into the aisle in the machinery from which he had first come. After him flowed the monster, and behind it, in turn, came the remaining spires.

No more did the House use its vile blandishments to make him an ally and thus attempt to lure him within its reach. For it recognized him. Its hatred of the one being who had ever broken its power and had helped destroy much of its awful kingdom overcame it, until its strange composite mind could think of nothing else but to obliterate the impudent minikin before it. What—did the very inner parts of its buried realm, its hidden mates’ playground, hold no safety from this feared and dreaded enemy? On, on, and slay! Its speed increased, and its groping, vibrissal pseudo-pods flailed the dead air as it sought to rend him.

Carefully, judging his speed to a nicety, Hiero fled from the thing and its pack of followers. The assaults on his mind he repelled, content merely to ward off the House’s attack and not to try to retaliate. Any such trial on his part might serve instead to open new corners of his own brain to fresh and unknown assaults. Who knew of what else the monster was capable if allowed, even for an instant, to forget its mad rage?

Down the silent, dust-laden corridors, under the dim illumination of the glowing bars of millennia-old light, the strange chase continued. The human fled; the living lord of the slime sought to overtake him and extinguish its bitterest foe from the earth. Save for the light footfalls and breathing of the man and the sucking, slithering noise of the fungoid pack’s progress, there was utter quiet. The deadly race, to an observer, would have appeared some strange and voiceless charade or shadow show. The squat House and the tall, dozen remaining mold pillars sped on; the man ran; the shrouded, ancient machines were backdrop.

Always, the priest led his pursuers south, shifting a little back and forth so that it would not be too obvious and straight a road, but never going very far from the line he had chosen. And now, at length, there fell upon his ear a sound for which he had yearned. It was the distant vibration of a legion of people moving, the faint but distinct echo of many feet! The Unclean host was upon them and must even now be debouching into the great cavern!

Какое направление в итоге преобладает, да и вообще во что это выльется, я пока даже не берусь гадать. Всего лишь как-то попытался реализовать давнюю задумку. Будет ли что-то вроде этюдов на тему «знай наших» для англоязычных посетителей. Или выстраивание культурного мостика и исследовательских целей. Или просто пять-десять-пятнадцать забавных курьёзов на первоапрельскую тему, как сегодня.


Ну и под занавес сориентирую ещё раз. Сам раздел сайта находится по этому адресу: https://szfan.ru/english

Каталог обложек к разделу существует в качестве подраздела каталога Мастерской сайта.

И отдельно посмотреть текущие обложки (плюс посмотреть как они соответствуют сюжету и оригинальному тексту) можно на их страницах:

The Eyes of the Overworld by Jack Vance

Hiero's Journey by Sterling E. Lanier

Witch World by Andre Norton

A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin

The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien

Добро пожаловать.

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Добро пожаловать в этот раздел

P.S. В этом месяце проведу некоторую синхронизацию колонки с сайтом и попробую озвучить планы на этот год. Очень хочется добить, наконец, несколько давних тем, ровно как и с темой этой заметки и раздела на сайте.



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The Eyes of the Overworld, 1977, Cover by Greg Hildebrandt and Tim Hildebrandt (as by Hildebrandt) — вот это вот интересная пара, очень интересная.

Рисовали-то как в те годы, просто, бесхитростно: брали оригинальную картинку, и рисовали по ней.
свернуть ветку

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Судя по воспоминаниям Лютикова иногда это был заказ, иногда рекомендация.
Но если с этой картинкой по Уэлану всё ясно,
то с Вэнсом даже интересно, как всё было. Там ещё картинка на обороте обложки есть. Да и художник (Канивец) достаточно известный, по крайней мере, дальше продолжал работать в книжной иллюстрации очень плодотворно.

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Могил перевернуть (отзеркалить) по ошибке.

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