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«Storming the Reality Studio: A Casebook of Cyberpunk and Postmodern Science Fiction»

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Storming the Reality Studio: A Casebook of Cyberpunk and Postmodern Science Fiction

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Durham (NC): Duke University Press, 1991 г.

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ISBN: 0-8223-1168-2

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Страниц: 406


Сollection of fictions by well-known contemporary writers and critical commentary by postmodern theorists addresses issues concerning how cyberpunk functions within postmodern culture. This casebook became the criterion for promoting the interaction between the genre of science fiction and the literary avant-garde.

Second printing in paperback, 1992.

Cover art by John Bergin.


  1. Acknowledgments, c. xi-xv
  2. Larry McCaffery. Introduction: The Desert of the Real (статья), c. 1-16
  3. Richard Kadrey, Larry McCaffery. Cyberpunk 101: A Schematic Guide to Storming the Reality Studio (энциклопедия/справочник), с. 17-29
  4. Fiction and Poetry
    1. Kathy Acker. Beyond the Extinction of Human Life (from Empire of the Senseless) (отрывок), с. 33-40
    2. J.G. Ballard. From Crash (отрывок), с. 41-43
    3. William S. Burroughs. "Mother and I Would Like to Know" (from The Wild Boys) (отрывок), с. 44-47
    4. Pat Cadigan. Rock On (рассказ), с. 48-55
    5. Samuel R. Delany. Among the Blobs (рассказ), с. 56-62
    6. Don DeLillo. From White Noise (отрывок), с. 63-64
    7. William Gibson. From Neuromancer (роман) (отрывок), с. 65-74
    8. Rob Hardin. Fistic Hermaphrodites (стихотворения), с. 75-75
    9. Rob Hardin. Microbes (стихотворения), с. 76-76
    10. Rob Hardin. Penetrabit: Slime-Temples (стихотворения), с. 77-78
    11. Rob Hardin. nerve terminals (стихотворения), с. 79-79
    12. Harold Jaffe. Max Headroom (рассказ), с. 80-84
    13. Thom Jurek. From Straight Fiction (отрывок), с. 85-86
    14. Richard Kadrey. The Toilet Was Full of Nietzsche (from Metrophage) (рассказ), с. 87-97
    15. Marc Laidlaw. Office of the Future (from Dad's Nuke) (отрывок), с. 98-101
    16. Mark Leyner. I Was an Infinitely Hot and Dense Dot (from My Cousin, My Gastroenterologist) (отрывок), с. 102-108
    17. Joseph McElroy. From Plus (отрывок), с. 109-111
    18. Misha. Wire Movement #9 (стихотворения), с. 112-113
    19. Misha. Wire for Two Tims (стихотворения), с. 114-115
    20. Ted Mooney. From Easy Travel to Other Planets (отрывок), с. 116-117
    21. Jim O'Barr. Frame 137 (комикс), с. 118-121
    22. Thomas Pynchon. From The Crying of Lot 49 (отрывок), с. 122-124
    23. Rudy Rucker. From Software (отрывок), с. 125-131
    24. Lucius Shepard. From Life During Wartime (отрывок), с. 132-133
    25. Lewis Shiner. Stoked (рассказ), с. 134-138
    26. John Shirley. Wolves of the Plateau (рассказ), с. 139-153
    27. Bruce Sterling. Twenty Evocations (рассказ), с. 154-161
    28. Bruce Sterling. The Mare Tranquillitatis People's Circumlunar Zaibatsu: 2-1-'16 (from Schismatrix) (отрывок), с. 162-167
    29. William T. Vollmann. The Indigo Engineers (from The Rainbow Stories) (отрывок), с. 168-170
  5. Non-Fiction
    1. Stephen P. Brown. Before the Lights Came On: Observations of a Synergy (статья), с. 173-177
    2. Jean Baudrillard. The Automation of the Robot (from Simulations) (отрывок), с. 178-181
    3. Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, Jr. Cyberpunk and Neuromanticism (статья), с. 182-193
    4. Jacques Derrida. From Оf Grammatology (отрывок), с. 194-195
    5. Joan Gordon. Yin and Yang Duke It Out (статья), с. 196-202
    6. Veronica Hollinger. Cybernetic Deconstructions: Cyberpunk and Postmodernism (статья), с. 203-218
    7. Fredric Jameson. From Postmodernism, or The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism (отрывок), с. 219-228
    8. Arthur Kroker, David Cook. Television and the Triumph of Culture (from The Postmodern Scene) (отрывок), с. 229-238
    9. Brooks Landon. Bet On It: Cyber/video/punk/performance (статья), с. 239-244
    10. Timothy Leary. The Cyberpunk: The Individual as Reality Pilot (статья), с. 245-258
    11. Jean-Francois Lyotard. The Postmodern (from The Postmodern Condition) (отрывок), с. 259-262
    12. Larry McCaffery. An Interview with William Gibson (интервью), с. 263-285
    13. Larry McCaffery. Cutting Up: Cyberpunk, Punk Music, and Urban Decontextualizations (статья), с. 286-307
    14. Brian McHale. POSTcyberMODERNpunkISM (статья), с. 308-323
    15. Tom Maddox. The Wars of the Coin's Two Halves: Bruce Sterling's Mechanist/Shaper Narratives (статья), с. 324-330
    16. David Porush. Frothing the Synaptic Bath (статья), с. 331-333
    17. George Slusser. Literary MTV (статья), с. 334-342
    18. Bruce Sterling. Preface from Mirrorshades (статья), с. 343-348
    19. Darko Suvin. On Gibson and Cyberpunk SF (статья), с. 349-365
    20. Takayuki Tatsumi. The Japanese Reflection of Mirrorshades (статья), с. 366-373
  6. Bibliography, с. 375-383
  7. Contributors, с. 385-387


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