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Peter Haining «Eurotunnel: An Illustrated History of the Channel Tunnel Scheme»

Peter Haining

Eurotunnel: An Illustrated History of the Channel Tunnel Scheme

авторская книга, первое издание

Язык издания: английский

London: New English Library, 1973 г.

ISBN: 0450017443, 9780450017445

Тип обложки: мягкая

Страниц: 144


  1. Peter Haining. Eurotunnel: An Illustrated History of the Channel Tunnel Scheme (документальное произведение)
    1. Peter Haining. Introduction (статья)
    2. Proposed Tunnel Between England and France
    3. Peter Haining. Entente Sousmarine (эссе)
    4. William A. Low. The Origins of the Tunnel
    5. Peter Haining. The Pioneers (эссе)
    6. Letter from M. Thomé de Gamond to Mr. William Low, in London, August 30th, 1867
    7. William Low, James Brunlees & Thomé de Gamond. The Engineers’ First Report
    8. J. Clarke Hawkshaw. An Examination of the Tunnel Plans
    9. Peter Haining. «Wild and Wonderful Schemes» (эссе)
    10. Proposed Anglo-Gallic Submarine Railway
    11. A Submarine Railway Boat
    12. Peter Haining. The Dreaded Crossing No More? (эссе)
    13. Henry Mayhew. Note by a Seasick Traveller
    14. A Visit to the French End of the Channel Tunnel
    15. Peter Haining. The Raging Divide (эссе)
    16. Prime Minister Visits Tunnel Workings
    17. Lord Wolseley. Memorandum
    18. The Channel Tunnel
    19. Lord Dunsany. The Dangers of a Channel Tunnel (статья)
    20. Sir William Treloar. [letter]
    21. Admiral Hon Sir E. R. Fremantle, G.C.B., F.R.G.S. [letter]
    22. J. Keir Hardie. [letter]
    23. H. G. Wells. [letter]
    24. Colonel F. E. Beaumont. A Reply to Our Opponents
    25. Arthur Conan Doyle. Great Britain and the Next War (статья) · ar The Fortnightly Review Feb 1913
    26. Arthur Conan Doyle. Postscript I to «Great Britain and the Next War» (статья)
    27. Arthur Conan Doyle. Postscript II to «Great Britain and the Next War» (статья)
    28. Peter Haining. The Years of Calm (эссе)
    29. Winston S. Churchill, P.C., M.P. Why Not a Channel Tunnel? (статья)
    30. Winston S. Churchill. Should Strategists Veto the Channel Tunnel? (статья)
    31. Peter Haining. All Stations Go for Seatrain? (эссе)
    32. Leo d’Erlanger. A Speech by the Chairman of the Channel Tunnel Association: September 1966
    33. Paul Drew. What Will the Tunnel Be Like?
    34. Ten Years of Tunnel Progress—Through the Eyes of the Press
    35. New Argument for Tunnel
    36. Channel Link by Two Tunnels and a Bridge
    37. Price Kent Will Pay for Channel Link
    38. Tunnel Challenge
    39. Leo d’Erlanger. Green Light for the Tunnel
    40. Frank Tole. Booking Up for the Chunnel’s First Trip
    41. Chapman Pincher. Channel Tunnel Will Get Go-Ahead Soon
    42. Michael Baily. Channel Tunnel Could be a Burden for Britain
    43. Stuart Friend. There Can Be No Turning Back Now
    44. D. W. Briggs. Tunnel Getaway?
    45. Peter Haining. The Final Decision (эссе)
    46. Robert Bedlow. 1980 Opening for Tunnel Would Cost £366m
    47. Chunnel Could Cost £938m

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